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THAT reveals his ex about your boyfriend

Oh, what a nice feeling it is to be freshly in love. You would like to spend every free second with the other person, thinking about them all the time and the tingling in your stomach increases as soon as you just think about them. In short: you are on cloud nine. If it weren't for the dark cloud, aka the ex-girlfriend, hovering over it all. Because no matter how much you feel for the other, at some point the moment comes when the ex-partners become an issue and you are confronted with the past of your loved one. And then it begins, the vortex of questions: do you think he still thinks of her sometimes? What does she look like? But before you banish his ex-girlfriend from your thoughts forever, a look into his past can be worthwhile. Because a few details about your ex-girlfriend can tell you who you're dealing with ...

These details about his ex shed light on

1. What does it look like?

Do you look like his ex-girlfriend? Then that means one thing above all: Prey scheme alarm! However, that's nothing new. Lots of men (and women too) just have a certain type that he likes. Whether blonde, brunette, tall or short. But if you look confusingly similar to his ex, that's not a good sign. It can mean that he is still attached to her and you remind him of her. If you don't look like her at all, he seems more likely to have finished with the past

2. How was the breakup?

He left her? Then you can take a deep breath. Because when he has ended the relationship, then he is probably over his ex and was able to draw a line. On the other hand, if she broke up, his feelings for her may not have completely disappeared. Above all, the reason for the separation also plays an important role. For example, if he has cheated on her, then he seems so not to be so serious about loyalty in general and you'd better be careful.

3. How was your relationship?

One aspect that tells you a lot about your new crush is the nature of their relationship with their ex. Has he been with her for years or has he had more fleeting relationships and affairs? What kind of relationship he had in the past can show you what type of relationship it is basically. Still, there is one thing you should keep in mind: people can change naturally, and every relationship is unique in the end.

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