Email marketing versus bulk SMS marketing

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing campaigns, text messaging

Mobile marketing, SMS campaigns or sending SMS: SMS are short text messages addressed to a list of cell phone numbers. Marketing and IT departments of companies use these campaigns to market their services to their target group. Mobile marketing allows both the sending of messages (bulk SMS or push SMS) and the receipt of incoming messages (SMS premium, pull SMS).

Mobile marketing: advantages for companies

Companies can benefit from the performance of SMS by communicating with their target group and thus they can pursue different purposes, such as more profit, information dissemination, personalized reminder messages, etc.

Mobile marketing enables your company to connect with its customers or users to convey information or urgent messages. The information is passed on to all recipients at the same time that it was sent. The speed at which a message is distributed and transmitted to thousands of recipients enables companies to achieve the goals of their marketing efforts.

Interactive marketing or premium SMS activities as a means to find out the opinion, interests etc. of the target group. Marketing through the cell phone allows two-way communication with customers, in which messages are received and sent.

SMS promotions as a method of generating profit. Premium SMS influence the company's profit through the response that the customer sends back via SMS. These actions have become an important source of economic income for communication and media companies in recent years.

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Databases with cell phone numbers

In mobile marketing campaigns, the company's own cell phone number database can be used as well as external databases with private individuals and companies from all over Spain. These mobile numbers allow your company to get in touch with around five million people in Spain via SMS, or to segment the target group more precisely using socio-demographic criteria, e.g. B. by age, gender, place of residence etc.

SMS messages in marketing campaigns via the Internet and direct marketing

Mobile marketing campaigns can be carried out independently of other specific marketing measures. However, companies that do a bigger and better marketing effort usually integrate their mobile phone campaigns into other direct and interactive marketing strategies. The combination of multi-channel direct marketing (SMS marketing, email marketing, fax marketing, telemarketing, mailing, etc.) includes internet and offline marketing and leaves a stronger impression than just using a single medium. Ask us how you can integrate your mobile marketing campaign into your internet marketing activities and into your direct marketing in order to achieve your sales goals.

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