Why do Uchihas depend mainly on Sharingan


The members of the Akatsuki

Akatsuki originally had 10 members. Currently there are only eight of them after Orochimaru's "exit" and the deaths of Sasori and Kakuzu. Hidan is still alive, but should no longer be able to serve the Akatsuki. Although Orochimaru left Akatsuki years ago, his seat has not yet been replaced, which could be due to the fact that he took his ring with him and kept it. Usually the new member takes over the ring from his predecessor.

Even if all members have already appeared, two have not yet been named. One of them has been revealed to be the leader of the Akatsuki, while the identity of the other is still completely in the dark.

Leader-Sama (torment)

Status: Active leader
Ring: 零 ("nothing")
Partner: -

The leader is a very mysterious figure. He has never been addressed by his name before, but is simply called "Leader" by the other members. He has the respect of his subordinates (with the exception of Hidan) and determines their actions. He is also the one who does the Summon Jutsu for the Bijuu extraction. He also masters a jutsu that clones his subordinates with the help of corpses.

The appearance of the leader has always been kept very secret, but on the cover of Chapter 317 he was shown for the first time with reddish / orange hair. And he also seems to have piercings / tattoos on both sides of the nose and below the mouth.

The leader also seems to have a lot of background knowledge about the various ninja villages and their social and economic structures. Among other things, he explains Hidan Konoha's "Will of Fire" and explains that other villages have similar principles that justify their practices.

Uknown Member (Konan)

Membership: Active
Ring: 白 ("white")
Partner: Unknown

This member has a blue hair color, with a flower-like accessory in his hair. The only appearance in the storyline had the character at the Bijuu extraction where he / she was not physically present. Otherwise there is no information or other background information about this character yet.


Membership: deceased, replaced by Tobi
Ring: 玉 ("jewel", "ball", also the king in shogi)
Partner: most recently Deidara, before that Orochimaru

Sasori was Deidara's first partner, previously forming a team with Orochimaru. He is an extremely powerful puppet ninja, and a missing nin from Sunagakure. Sasori first appeared in the series in the kidnapping of Gaara, in which he supported Deidara. Shortly afterwards he also fought against Kankuro, whom he almost killed and simply destroyed all of his dolls. After Deidara and Sasori delivered Gaara to Akatsuki, Sasori fought against his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura. This fight should also be his last. He was finally killed by two dolls ("father" and "mother", his parents' dolls that he made himself) that he once built and that were now owned by Chiyo.

After his death, Sasori was replaced by Tobi.


Membership: Active
Ring: 青 ("blue", "green")
Partner: Tobi, before that Sasori

Deidara is a Missing-Nin from Iwagakure and partner of Tobi. He is a very talented ninja and uses a technique in which he creates explosives with special mouths on the inside of his hands, which he manipulates with chakra. In doing so, he forms the explosives into animal shapes such as a bird which can then also fly and which Deidara can explode on command. Often he forms the explosives into smaller animals which then sneak up on his opponents to explode. He also uses binoculars on his left eye to observe his opponents from a distance.

Deidara has become the most popular Akatsuki member in Japan. In a recent popular character vote, he finished third, even ahead of Naruto Uzumaki.

Deidara was originally the team partner of Sasori, whom he respectfully called "Master Sasori" and also acknowledged that he was stronger than himself. Both often talked about art, with different views. While Deidara believes that art is something that balances out but that quickly disappears, Sasori believed that fine art is something wonderful that lasts for a long time. Both views also reflect their individual personalities (Deidara makes explosive sculptures that explode, Sasori makes long-lasting dolls from human bodies). Even if Deidara respected Sasori's point of view, he couldn't resist one last comment after his death: "Like anything that is left for the future as a thing of eternal beauty ... He got killed straight off!"

Deidara had kidnapped the first appearance during a mission in the Akatsuki Gaara of Sunagakure. Even if Gaara seems superior to him, he still manages to win the fight and thus kidnap the current Kazekage. He later meets Naruto and Kakashi, with Deidara losing his right arm to one of Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan. However, he manages to escape by faking his own death with a gigantic explosion. He later returns to the place of the fight to get his arm and especially the ring on it.

After Kakuzu has put his right arm back in order, he gets Tobi as a new team partner who takes Sasori's place. With this he later catches and defeats the three-tailed Bijuu.


Membership: Active
Ring: 玉 ("jewel", "ball"; also the king in shogi)
Partner: Deidara

Tobi was a subordinate of Zetsu, who took his place as a member after Sasori's death. He is now wearing the same ring that Sasori had worn until his death. He has also taken Sasori's place as Deidara's team partner. In contrast to most other ninjas, Tobi does not wear a visible forehead protector, so his origin is unknown. He also wears an unusual mask that covers his entire face with the exception of the right eye. Tobi also has a kind of bolt or pin on his arm, which can no longer be seen through the Akatsuki coat.

So far it is not known what Tobi's specialty is, he has never been shown fighting. Although he recently defeated the three-tailed Bijuu together with Deidara, Tobi was only shown dodging the attacks.

Tobi uses very polite and correct language. His physical appearance is still a mystery, one side of Zetsu called him a "good boy", which could indicate that Tobi is still very young. He respects Deidara and calls him Deidara-Senpai. However, Tobi's personality is in stark contrast to other Akatsuki members. While most of the members are very dedicated and serious, Tobi appears to be more carefree, somewhat similar to Naruto.

Itachi Uchiha

Membership: Active
Size: 175.2 cm
Weight: 57.1 kg
Birthday: June 9.
Blood group: AB
Ring: 朱 ("scarlet", "bloody")
Partner: Kisame Hoshigaki

Itachi is a sought-after S-Class Missing-Nin whose name is even in the Bingo Book (a list of powerful ninjas who are supposed to be assassinated). Together with Kisame he forms a team to kidnap Naruto and take control of the Kyuubi. Itachi and Kisame seem to get along well with each other, unlike most of the other Akatsuki team members.

At the age of 7, Itachi graduated from the Ninja Academy as the best in his class, at the age of 8 he had already mastered the Sharingan, at 10 he became a chunin and at 13 he was already captain of an ANBU squad team. Itachi was considered the most talented and strongest ninja of his clan.

After the sudden suicide of Shisui Uchiha, who was considered to be Itachi's best friend, Itachi was questioned by three other clan members about the accident. Although they did not openly address it, they believed him to be a suspect as some circumstances did not make Shisui suicide
languages. When one of the clan members accused Itachi of behaving strangely since joining the ANBU, Itachi attacked the three clan members and easily defeated them. As it turned out, shortly before he committed suicide, Shisui was supposed to be watching Itachi for his strange behavior. When Itachi was confronted by his father for his behavior, he only replied: "[he'd] lost all hope for this pathetic clan".

Shortly after this incident, Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan, with the exception of his little brother Sasuke, who was at the academy when the massacre occurred. When Sasuke got home, he found his brother standing over the corpses of his parents. Asked about the motive by Sasuke, Itachi replied that he was only doing it to test his skills. He also explains to Sasuke that he only played the big dear brother to test Sasuke's skills. Itachi also admitted to having killed Shisui Uchiha in order to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Then Itachi disappears, but tells Sasuke that he is not worth killing. And if Sasuke wants to kill him, he has to hate his brother all his life and get the Mangekyou Sharingan, Itachi says.

In combat, Itachi mainly uses ninjutsu and genjutsu attacks, both of which are greatly enhanced by his Mangekyou Sharingan. In addition, the Mangekyou Sharingan enables him to use the Amaterasu, a jutsu that creates black flames that are hotter than the sun and can destroy all barriers. Itachi is also able to use basic ninjutsu at such a speed that even other Sharingan users have trouble following the movements. Thanks to the Sharingan, Itachi also seems to be immune to all genjutsu techniques, and thanks to the Sharingan's ability to copy, it can easily be reversed on the attacker. With the Mangekyou Sharingan, Itachi can also use a technique called Tsukuyomi. A very strong genjutsu that keeps his opponent trapped in an illusion. Trapped in this genjutsu for the first time, Itachi can torment and torture his opponent for an eternity, while in reality only a short moment passes.

Kisame Hoshigaki

Membership: Active
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 83.1 kg
Birthday: March 18.
Blood group: AB
Ring: 南 ("south")
Partner: Itachi Uchiha

Kisame is a Missing-Nin from Kirigakure and forms a team with Itachi Uchiha. Kisame made his first appearance when he and Itachi came to Konoha to kidnap Naruto. However, Jiraiya was able to prevent the kidnapping.

Kisame has a shark-like appearance, with light blue skin and small white eyes. Under the eyes it also has what looks like gills, and it also has sharp triangular teeth like a shark's. His name "Kisame" also means "demon shark".

Before joining Akatsuki, he was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Zabuza Momochi and Raiga Kurosuki were also members. Like these two members, Kisame seems to enjoy fighting and find satisfaction in hurting others. Kisame's main weapon in combat is a giant sword called "Samehade" ("Shark Skin"). It is a unique sword that, instead of cutting, shaves its opponents, much like the skin of a shark. In addition, the sword has the ability to absorb any chakra in its environment, which allows Kisame to cut through the chakra of his opponent. Samehada is also a sentient sword that only allows Kisame to carry it.

Kisame has a lot of chakra, even when compared to other Akatsuki members. Even the clone of Kisame, which has only 30% as much chakra as Kisame in the original, had about the same amount of chakra as Naruto when he used the Kyuubi chakra. He also has an amazing speed and incredible physical power. He uses water-based jutsus in combination with his powerful physical attacks in combat. In addition, he can create water out of nothing, which allows him to turn any place into a lake. Which of course gives him an enormous advantage in the fight with his water-based jutsus.


Membership: incapable & not yet replaced
Ring: 三 ("three")
Partner: Kakuzu

Hidan is a missing nin from a previously unknown ninja village. In contrast to the other members, he doesn't seem to have any respect for the Akatsuki leader and likes to show it. Together with Kakuzu he forms an Akatsuki team, even if they obviously don't like each other. Kakuzu criticizes Hidan for his religious rituals always taking forever before and after a fight. In return, Hidan criticizes how Kakuzu only fights for money.

Hidan is apparently immortal as he survives even the most severe wounds. He even survives if his head is stepped off, but can still speak but then no longer control the body. Hidan's immortality is also the reason for the partnership with Kakuzu, as Kakuzu kills all of his previous partners in a kind of rage. With Hidan's immortality, Kakuzu can attack Hidan however he wants without having to worry about finding a new partner afterward. In addition, by partnering with Hidan, Kakuzu can attack his opponents from a distance while he doesn't have to worry about Hidan who is in close combat. Another part of the partnership is that Kakuzu can quickly reattach hidan's severed body parts.

In combat, Hidan uses a three-bladed scythe as a weapon, which he also uses as a projectile. He controls the scythe with a leash that is tied around his wrist. Hidan says of himself that the Scythe makes him the slowest attacking member of Akatsuki. The three blades of the Scythe do not have the purpose to increase the damage of the attack, but above all to get to the blood of his opponents. When the three blades are no longer usable, he can also use the Scythe's staff as a kind of spear.

Hidan uses a very unusual technique in which he has to ingest the blood of his opponent to start the technique. Hidan then uses his own blood to paint a symbol on the floor. When he enters this symbol, his appearance changes. As a result, most of its skin turns black, while some sections in the form of bones turn white. Together with the Scythe, this gives it the appearance of a grim reaper. Once this transformation is over, Hidan's body and that of his opponent are linked. Similar to a voodoo doll, his opponent now suffers every injury that Hidan inflicts on himself, but only as long as Hidan is on the symbol painted in blood. With a stab in his own chest, which causes a fatal wound, he finally kills his opponent.

Using this technique, Hidan also succeeds in killing Asuma Sarutobi in battle. Later, however, he and his partner Kakuzu are set up by a Konoha team and Hidan is defeated in a fight with Shikamaru. After Shikamaru lured him into a trap, Hidan's body is blown up by explosive scrolls. The last living remains of Hidan fall into a deep hole in which Hidan is buried alive.


Membership: deceased, not yet replaced
Ring: 北 ("north")
Partner: most recently Hidan

Kakuzu was a missing nin from Takigakure and Hidan's team partner at Akatsuki. He referred to himself as the treasurer of Akatsuki, which is probably due to the fact that he collected most of the bounties and thus brought most of the money into the organization. Kakuzu is the longest-lived known character on the series. He lived at least since the time of the first Hokage, as he once mentioned having fought against him.

Kakuzu's body structure is held together by threads that he can control. These threads enable him to lengthen his limbs extremely in combat and thus use them for ranged attacks. Using these threads, he can also cut off his limbs and put them back on again with ease. In addition, Kakuzu has four other hearts in addition to his own, which he took from defeated opponents and implanted himself. Each of these hearts dominates a different chakra element and is recognizable on its head through a mask. These masks can separate from his body and attack the opponent with a gigantic chakra expulsion of the respective element. If one of the hearts in Kakuzu's body is destroyed, the respective mask dies too.

Kakuzu was defeated by Naruto Uzumaki before Kakashi Hatake dealt him the fatal blow.


Membership: Active
Ring: 亥 ("boar")
Partner: unknown

Zetsu is a mysterious Missing-Nin from Kusagakure. Apart from his membership in Akatsuki and his role as a spy, not much is known about his personality. What is striking is a huge Venus flytrap that surrounds his body and can also completely enclose it. The right half of his face is black while the left half is white, which could indicate a split personality. In addition, the white side of his face speaks in katakana, while the black side speaks in kanji and kana. Both sides seem to be able to discuss with each other.

The first time Zetsu appeared in the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, which he observed in secret.He later reappears at the Bijuu Extraction of Gaara, where he warns Akatsuki of the two approaching Konoha teams.

Zetsu has the ability to merge with the ground, trees and other plants, which enables him to cover long distances in a short period of time. He also appears to be the only Akatsuki member who can move his body during the bijuu extraction. Within Akatsuki's he also fulfills the function of a Hunter-Nin, for example, he was sent to find the corpses of Itachi's and Kisame's clones. He then devoured these, which fits his Venus flytrap theme.

Former member of Orochimaru

Membership: withdrawn, not yet replaced
Ring: 空 ("sky")
Partner: most recently Sasori

Orochimaru was once a member of Akatsuki, and was the former team partner of Sasori. However, Orochimaru tried to steal Uchiha Itachi's body with his reincarnation jutsu. Itachi was able to repel the attack by Orochimaru, and in the process severed Orochimaru's left hand. After this incident, Orochimaru left Akatsuki. But he kept his ring, which is still on the severed hand. The special nature of his ring and his knowledge of Akatsuki's intentions made him one of Akatsuki's main targets for an assassination attempt. However, Orochimaru also had plans to eliminate the Akatsuki members. At the moment we have to assume that Orochimaru is no longer alive or is able to carry out these plans.