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Wartenfels Castle - The harp concert was the best propaganda for other occasions

The harp concert was the best propaganda for other occasions

The event with Verena Wüthrich, Javier Miers and Juan Aguilera attracted a large audience to Wartenfels Castle. The focus was on staging South American music. The audience was drawn into the spell of these sounds.

On Wednesday, the Lostorf Culture Association invited to the 2013 Castle Serenade. It turned out that South American music is very popular. Before organizer Hansruedi Hug, responsible for the culture department in Lostorf, could greet the numerous visitors, he had to solve space problems.

In no time all chairs were occupied, so that some visitors also had to sit on benches. But even if you couldn't sit comfortably, the visit was more than worth it.

The harpist Verena Wüthrich, who, as a former violin player, now devotes herself entirely to the South American harp, was popular. It became her passion. The South American harp is considered a national instrument, especially in Paraguay, and together with guitar and vocals it plays a leading role at every fiesta. The instrument is still handcrafted in Paraguay today, consists largely of tropical wood and has 37 strings.

According to Verena Wüthrich, performing with the harp outdoors involves a certain risk because the instrument reacts strongly to temperature and humidity. She was supported at this concert by the two musicians Javier Miers and Juan Aguilera from Paraguay, they sang and played the guitar. Together they are the trio "Verena Y sus Canteros del Paraquay". With emotion and temperament, they led the visitors into a southern holiday mood.

The concert began with "El Condor pasa", a "catchy tune" of a special kind, which was applauded accordingly by the audience. With “Canto al Paraguay” the two musicians showed their great musical skills. It turned out that the two musicians, in addition to the guitar and the vocals, also played a major role in the trio. The three supported each other, which was confirmed by the harmony with each song.

"Cuando calienta el sol" and "Lambada" followed; two songs that you knew from before and were happy about them. «Che rètàme» was less well known, but was very popular. «Perfidia» and «Cascado» were the following titles. It continued with “Monanita Paraguaya”, which was less well known but was very popular; accordingly there was applause.

The evening was tending to decline, not everything was illuminated, which harpist Verena Wüthrich in particular felt. But the two singers kept the concert on track. “San Juan Nepamuceno” and “Mexico” were rather well-known songs that were very popular. The two guitar players wanted to hold out with the songs "Amor de mis amores" and "Besame mucho". The songs "Diel canela" and "Rumba Tatina" followed.

The audience let themselves be drawn into the spell of the music and, standing at the end of the concert, asked for encores, which were also granted. Many visitors regretted that it was over, and they would have liked to listen for a long time. Hansruedi Hug and his helpers from the Lostorf cultural association also deserve praise. The occasion was the best propaganda for the next events.