Is faithful to God

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God is faithful ... what does this statement actually mean?
How is God's faithfulness shown in the Bible and how does he show his faithfulness in my everyday life. What about me? What about my loyalty to God? Can his loyalty persist despite my failure? What is loyalty connected to (with what other qualities)?

Noah remained faithful and found favor with God, Job remained faithful when God tested him and Daniel remained faithful when he was challenged because of his faith.
But above all, God is faithful to us.

Romans 3: 3 - But what about some of them being unfaithful? Do you think just because they have broken your fidelity would it break the fidelity of God?

2 Timothy 2:13 - If we are unfaithful, God remains faithful because he cannot deny himself.

Do we need to know / be able to recognize God's will in order to be faithful to him?
What do you think?
At first I thought yes-> how else could I be faithful if I don't know all the facts? But when do I ever know down to the smallest detail what exactly God's will is? This is where faith and trust come into play:

2 Corinthians 5: 7 - "For we walk by faith and not by sight."

Hebrews 11, 1 - But faith is a firm confidence in what one hopes and a non-doubt of what one does not see.

Faithfulness does not mean “knowledge” nor does it mean “control”. So I no longer believe that knowing God's will is crucial in order to be faithful to him. But a relationship with him requires that we get to know and understand him through the Bible, talk to him, worship him, that we give the Holy Spirit a place in our hearts to work. It requires our willingness to trust, steadfastness, and reliability, and it requires our willingness to follow.