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Make money online: 21 effective tips for 2021

Perhaps you know the statement that being independent means above all "yourself" and "constantly". You are responsible for all activities, and if you want to make quick money online, even if it's just on the side, you have to work continuously for your success and show passion. In addition, it is often necessary to react quickly, even on Sundays or public holidays, early in the morning or late in the evening. If you ask yourself "How can you make money online?" Then you have to be patient because the great success may not come immediately. But if you stick with it, sooner or later you can make a good living online and earn money online quickly.

If you have the characteristics just mentioned, want to work seriously from home and want to earn money quickly online, then we have exactly the right tips for you that will also work very well in 2021. Regardless of which path you choose to be able to earn a lot of money online, you first need a trade license for all these jobs - regardless of whether you work at home or not. This costs around 20 euros, the prices vary from city to city. To start with, it is sufficient to register as a small business owner.

Earning money online as a part-time job: You have to keep this in mind

Just because you are self-employed on a part-time basis does not mean that you do not have to pay taxes or have fewer obligations than with a full-time self-employment. It just means that you earn your main income with another job and that you work online with an additional income. You have to register a business and report your income to the tax office in order to be able to make money quickly online.

This method is ideal at the beginning, because it is difficult to earn enough income overnight with self-employment to be able to make a living from it. However, this also means that you have to make double the effort for a while, especially if self-employment is to become your main job at some point. Or maybe you're just looking for a convenient way to have extra income online and earn a few euros on the side - even then, starting a part-time business is very suitable for you.

By the way: Even if you are unemployed, you can start a part-time business and generate additional income online, i.e. earn money online quickly and seriously and quickly. However, you will then not be allowed to work more than 15 hours per week and will still have to write applications.

Part-time self-employment for online money and the employer

If you want to earn extra income online and are employed, your job must not come into conflict with your employer. That means you mustn't compete with him or even poach customers. He also has to approve self-employment so that you can earn money quickly online. However, there are only a few cases in which he really has a handle to prohibit you from being self-employed on a part-time basis. This is only possible if he sees a risk to the correct execution of your main job. For example, if you are self-employed at night and have to show up at work in the early hours of the morning, your boss can rightly assume that your performance will be limited.

Earning Money from Home: Partly the Only Way?

The question naturally arises, why should you stress yourself out? Your full-time job will need enough energy, won't it? Not quite: Often, especially with family or other obligations, you don't even have the opportunity to start your own business in another way. Earning money online on the side, legally always sounds good, but you often don't have big money in the first few months.

Often more important than quick money: safe money

You will surely have put one or the other euro aside, these reserves may well be invested in starting your own business or just for additional income (which can quickly become more with enough time and energy). But think twice about whether you should take out a start-up loan or ask friends for money. Take the time to write a detailed business plan in order to then build up additional income online. This is the only way to earn money online, seriously and quickly.

What about the health insurance company when starting a sideline?

If you generate additional income online, you are already insured with the health insurance, pension and long-term care insurance through your employer (or the employment office). However, you should register your activity with the health insurance company in order to be able to earn money quickly online. Because the income from your self-employment is added to your income from the main job and the amount of your contributions can change as a result. Even if you are still studying and aiming for self-employment, it is important to consult your health insurance company. So that you can make money legally online.

Full-time or part-time self-employed?

There are certain circumstances that make your part-time job your main job. This applies, for example, if you work more in the part-time job than in your main job (which can easily happen if you are employed for around three quarters of the day) or earn more with the part-time job. It also applies if you hire someone, which automatically turns you into a full-time founder. The magic 15-hour limit applies at the employment office.
What happens if you switch from part-time to full-time self-employment? As a self-employed person, you no longer have to pay into pension and unemployment insurance and can switch to private health insurance if you want.

Part-time self-employed and taxes

When you register your activity as a founder, please indicate on the form whether you are doing it as a main or part-time job. Either way you will receive mail from the tax office after registering as a business and have to fill out a questionnaire. For the amount of taxes, it is irrelevant how you declare your self-employment - the tax office adds the income from your activities anyway. However, if you make use of the small business regulation because you will generate less than 22,000 euros in sales in the first year after founding, you are not allowed to show the sales tax on your invoices and you do not have to pay it to the tax office.

Now it is time to consider how you can earn money quickly online either as a side income or full-time from home. For this purpose, we will introduce you to 21 activities with which you can make good money on the Internet - and that also from home and legally.

How can you make money online? 21 tips on how to make money online

Now that the formalities have been completed, it is now a matter of finding ideas with which you can earn money quickly and seriously online. In the following, we have listed 20 ways that you can make good money in 2021.

1. Earn money with your own online shop

The first question is what you can sell on the Internet and make money legally from it. Almost everything can be turned into money these days - from hand soap to sophisticated software. In order to generate income with an online shop, you need one thing above all, namely a brilliant business idea. If you have this for a completely new product or service that has rarely or not yet been offered, then the first important step has been taken. You may have discovered a niche that you can cover with an online shop on the Internet.

In order to bring your offer so closer to potential customers that they will ultimately buy it, you need the following requirements:

  • a well-designed website to make quick money online,
  • the right advertising measures,
  • very high traffic on your site.

A well-designed website means that it works flawlessly, is well structured and clearly structured and contains all the essential information about your offer. The website is your showcase - so make sure people get to know it and stick with it after they click. Also use your social media channels: invite your family, friends and acquaintances to visit the page, share it with their circle of friends and like them. So the number of visitors will increase over time. The more traffic you generate, the greater the chance that you can get your product or service to men or women. Observe these requirements and you will soon be earning a lot of money with your online shop quickly and seriously on the Internet.

2. Working from home - advertise as an “affiliate”

If you run a blog or own a private website, this is a lucrative way to earn serious money on the Internet. You can use so-called affiliate programs for this