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Plato Philosophy of mathematics

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Platon (Πλάτων) was established around 428 B.C.E. born in Athens (or Aigina?). He came from an old, well respected Athenian family. At the age of about 20 he was with the then about sixty-two-year-old Socrates (Σωκράτης) known. The lawsuit against Socrates (399 B.C.E.) experienced Plato With. He was about the injustice that Socrates happened, deeply indignant and indignant. He left Athens and went to Megara Eukleidês (Εὐκλείδης) and (according to tradition) a few years later to Cyrene, where he moved from Theodôros (Θεόδωρος) introduced into mathematics. In the years 395 - 390 B.C.E. he was probably back in Athens, where he did the 'Apology' wrote and wrote his first dialogues: 'Euthyphron', 'Gorgias',' Ion ',' Criton ',' Protagoras and other.

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