What is more important UI or UX

Usability vs. user experience vs. user interface

Usability and user experience (UX). Invisible but absolutely essential for a website or a system. These two terms are so important that there is even a separate ISO guideline for them. You can find them in DIN EN ISO 9241. For further confusion, there is also the term user interface (UI). These topics are all the more important these days and as a designer you should deal with them well. Today, when the media rule our lives and there are websites and co. In abundance, good usability is crucial for the success of a website or a system, because otherwise you might lose consumers to your competitors.


But do these three terms mean usability & Co and what is the difference?

We try to shed some light on the darkness and have tried to explain these three closely interwoven terms as separately as possible.

A good analogy to make the two terms UX and UI a little more tangible is the following illustration:

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups and the reins.
UX is the feeling you get when you can ride the horse. "

User interface

“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good. ”That statement describes it pretty well. The user interface describes the entire system or product with the elements that belong to it. These are buttons, navigation elements and all other functional elements that make up the interface or the surface. The aim is to create a self-explanatory interface.

User experience

The UX describes how the user perceives the respective product and what his feelings and emotions are when using it. In brief - how his experiences were before, during and after the use of the product and therefore includes the usability and with the emotions of the user about this usability. User experience can also be described using the question “Did the user have the most pleasant experience possible?”.


In brief, usability describes the usability of a system. Usability deals with the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which certain users achieve certain goals in certain environments. It measures the extent to which the elements of the user interface can be used to achieve the desired result for the user. In some portals, usability is described as the now outdated concept of the additional user experience, where not only usability but also the emotions of the user are taken into account. Usability can be described using the question “Can the user achieve his goal?”.
One last important fact about usability: Good usability is invisible. You only notice it when it is not there.




In general, it can be said of these three terms that they cannot be viewed in isolation from one another. A good user experience is of no use without a well-designed user interface, because it is influenced by the user interface. The same is true the other way round. In order to be successful with a website or a product, it is important to observe the requirements of the user and common conventions (buttons, menu bar, etc.). The user and his requirements should be considered during every step of the product development.

Tip: It is also helpful to create personas, which we have already dedicated ourselves to in this blog post.



So we hope to have learned one thing for you:
Good design is so much more than just beautiful design.