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Strong in the system

FreiLacke is the only company to supply powder and wet paint for the advanced TrainLab in a system network


FreiLacke developed the paint systems used both for the initial coating and for revision paintwork.


The last part of the advanced TrainLab - an intermediate car - has received its new decorative look and corrosion protection. The special thing about this trolley is that with FreiLacke a company provides both wet and powder coatings from a single source. "This is our unique selling point in the project," says Dr. Hilmar Weisse, Business Manager Mobility Systems at FreiLacke. “As a system paint manufacturer, we have the option of precisely matching the paints in product development and production.” Deutsche Bahn AG has recently granted approvals for the “Freopox PB6904” powder paint primer and the “PU6” PU powder paint topcoat used in the current project in front. Contract varnishing specialist Wobek Oberflächenschutz from Stollberg, Erzgebirge, applied the coatings to the side flaps of the advanced TrainLab, which were then removed from the car body. The flaps were first chemically stripped of paint and prepared for painting in a beam path. For FreiLacke, the main goal of the project is to become a full-service provider for the rail vehicle industry through the practical tests. “Our products score, among other things, with their particularly high chemical resistance. The high gloss requirements of DB are also very well met for powder and wet paint, ”says Weisse. “In addition, the course of the innovative powder coating is optimally coordinated with the associated wet paint, so that differences are hardly visible.” The new product combination that is being tested in practice on the advanced TrainLab is the “DW11” wet paint system and the “PU6” powder paint. These are 2K water-based polyurethane paints and a polyurethane powder paint that are very resistant to graffiti removers and acidic as well as alkaline cleaners. The water-based varnish offers another clear advantage: In the coloring layer, filler and basecoat are combined in one varnish as a base filler. By using this basic filler, there is no need for a work step in the painting process and shorter lead times are the result. In addition, each coat of paint in the combination system can be painted wet-on-wet after a short flash-off time of around 1 hour at room temperature. The three-layer paint system can then cure overnight at room temperature. If even faster production is required, the paint can also be force-dried. "When developing the product, we always had painting practice in mind," explains Weisse. “This not only includes repainting, but also repairs. This is why our basic filler can be sanded without changing the color. In addition, the paint system can be quickly crosslinked without long waiting times and without forced drying. This saves time, especially when reworking has to be done
and energy. "

Properties of the system paint (powder + liquid paint)

FreiLacke "Efdedur-Hydro DW11" and "Freiotherm-Pulverlack PU6"

  • Powder and wet paint coordinated as a system
  • High color stability and gloss retention
  • Strong protection against graffiti
  • High resistance to cleaning agents and other chemicals
  • Very short processing times
  • Very low VOC pollution
  • Very good repairability (spot repair) of the paint systems


In the coloring layer of the wet paint, filler and basecoat are combined to form the basic filler.
The characteristic silver stripe of the advanced TrainLab is applied to the basic filler.

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