How did the Cloud Academy begin

26 trainees start in the ScanPlus Academy

As a survey by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) among around 10,500 companies has shown, 31 percent of German companies have not been able to fill vacant apprenticeships. "Almost every tenth training company has not even received a single application," said DIHK President Eric Schweitzer.

The situation is completely different at the Cloud Factory ScanPlus, which is located in the Ulm Science Park. Since the ScanPlus Professional Academy started four years ago, a highly demanding and forward-looking training concept, the already good number of applicants for training as IT specialists and IT clerks has skyrocketed.

Last week, a total of 26 trainees and one student at ScanPlus began their career path, and this in a training program that is unique in Germany. Led by a team of trainers and trained by sought-after lecturers, the young professionals are made fit for an IT career in the company's Ulm academy. And that with the best prospects for the future: This summer, ScanPlus took on 16 trainees from the first year of the Academy into permanent employment. How quickly you can get high with ScanPlus if you are a team player, "the new ones" already experienced at the end of the first week. We went to the climbing garden together.

The two camps in the Ulmer Cloud Factory, which are offered together with e.tage Medienbildung of the Stadtjugendring Ulm, were quickly booked up again this year. If you are interested, register as early as possible in the coming year and stay up to date on our homepage or the Facebook page of the ScanPlus Professional Academy.