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Pay attention to child and youth protection

Children can easily come across unsuitable content in these offers. German providers are subject to local regulations on the protection of minors in the media, which allow the broadcasting of content with a release from 16 years after 10 p.m. and those from 18 years after 11 p.m. However, these rules do not apply to foreign providers.

Smart TVs have parental controls that parents should enable. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Maxdome or Amazon Prime Video often have separate areas for children's films. Films with age ratings FSK 16 or FSK 18 can be password-protected, depending on the provider.

The high demand for content on the Internet is already leading to series and formats being produced exclusively for online use. The young broadcaster of the public television broadcaster “funk” is not a television broadcaster, but a content network with content on its own website, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Co. The popular streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also produce films and series exclusively for your own platform. This also includes productions that offer topics for discussion for older children and young people and that are sometimes controversial. A recent example is the Netflix production "Dead Girls Don't Lie". The series is based on the American bestseller “13 Reasons Why” for young people. The sometimes drastic portrayal of bullying and sexual violence among young people, but also the very detailed portrayal of suicide, are difficult to cope with even for older children and young people. Critics of the series also see the danger of imitation, especially with vulnerable people. The example “Dead girls don't lie” shows how important it is for parents to know about the possibilities of child safety and youth media protection for online offers.