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Rapperlapapp | The podcast about rap lyrics Episode 10: Dissy about his tracks

In his tracks he likes to throw a few techno beats around your ears. His lines are serious and honest, but never without leaving out the wink. But despite the self-reflection and the clever lyrics, even Dissy got lost in inappropriate rhymes. As in his track "KMDD" in which he brings Holocaust comparisons in one line:

I don't think I was as educated then as I am today. I realized how ignorant I used to be. Also my environment, how ignorant it is today. At the time, I might just think that's a cool rhyme.

His album "bugtape side a" came out at the beginning of last year, you can look forward to the B-side of the record in February!

Sneak peak from the podcast:

We could do great things, travel around the globe, somewhere where nobody knows us
But nothing happens and we are here like leftover packaging that no one separates

The whole song sounds a bit vague, for something to happen you have to get up and do something!

It's also about the lethargy that is often there in a relationship. I'm taking the position of my ex-girlfriend in the song right now and I'm the person who ran away and wanted more and wants to break something big. I just flipped the feeling in the song. That's why I have the attitude in the track that I suppress everything and enjoy the moment. I basically bundled several topics in one song.

Yes, I know that too, I often throw people together and never direct the song to a specific person.

Relationship songs or relationship topics have a double bottom and the song is really about the two sides. I know both the person who only focuses on the relationship and the other person wants to get out and achieve something and get bigger.