What is an animation director

What is the purpose of animation with the second key?

Ain 原 画Daini Genga = Second key animation

Traditionally in anime, the next step after the key animation is for the animation director to review the key animation and make the necessary corrections to bring the characters to the model. Recently, a new role was invented as a buffer between the key animator and the animation director: the second key animation.

Nigen 二 原 for short, second key animation is a relatively new concept in anime. This person does what is known in the West as "cleaning up" - cleaning up the rough genga before being forwarded to the animation director for review. This step allows key animators to pump out more animations than if they had to create a more polished shot. For example, an animator who can be good at action can draw several intricate shots in rough shape in the time it takes to draw a polished shot. A nigen would then clean it up. In rare cases, you will also see a Daiichi-Genga 画 原 erste or an initial key animation, which is presumably a distinction between the people who drew the rough key animation that the Daini-Genga crew wants to clean up and the people who drew the regular key animation.