Which is a peninsula country


The Arabian Peninsula as seen from space. It “hangs” on Asia, which you can see in the picture above.

A peninsula is a piece of land that is only slightly connected to the mainland. The Latin expression is "peninsula" and it is actually better: "pen" means "almost". So it's an almost island.

A peninsula is always above sea level and is not completely flooded. On some peninsulas, the land connection is underwater at high tide. This is then a "tidal island". Peninsulas in lakes and rivers are called “inland peninsulas” because they are located in inland waters.

Europe is the continent of the great peninsulas like Italy and the Iberian Peninsula with Spain and Portugal. Another large peninsula in Europe is the Scandinavian Peninsula. The largest peninsula in the world, however, is in Asia: the Arabian Peninsula. However, some researchers believe that the whole of Europe is a kind of peninsula of Asia.

What exactly is a peninsula?

About 500 years ago, people in Europe did not know the world very well. On some world maps, in the far east, at the end of Asia, the "dragon's tail" appeared. This elongated peninsula was supposed to be the right edge of the Indian Ocean. Soon afterwards they found out: This peninsula doesn't even exist.

There are many parts of the country that protrude into the sea. Usually one speaks of a headland or headland. When exactly one speaks of a peninsula is not exactly determined. Some people say that a peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides. Others believe that the narrow piece between land and "island" must be narrower than the "island", only then is it a peninsula.

Sometimes it is not possible to say exactly whether something is a peninsula. One example is the Balkans. It is often referred to as the Balkan Peninsula. In fact, three sides of it are surrounded by water. However, its north side, which "hangs" on the mainland, is significantly wider than the rest of the Balkans. In this respect, one could say that the Balkans is not a peninsula at all.

  • Florida is a peninsula and a part of the United States.

  • The island of Jindo in South Korea is only a peninsula that can be reached on foot when the tide is low.

  • The Balkans is colored dark blue on this map. It is called a peninsula, but that is a matter of dispute.

  • Fischland, Darß and Zingst is a German peninsula in the Baltic Sea.

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