Why do bleaches turn white

Bleaching fabrics white - these traps are waiting for you

Watch out: you should do this - and you shouldn't

Don't use the wrong bleach

Various chlorine cleaners are considered excellent bleaches that really bleach fabrics white. Oxygen-based cleaners, however, do not work! The brand does not matter, but you should pay attention to the concentration when buying. The more sodium hypochlorite, the stronger the effect.

Do not endanger your own health

Chlorine-based bleach is far from harmless. Protect your skin, your eyes and, if possible, your airways. Fresh air and caution are a good match for this project.

Don't act rashly

Don't just pour the bleach onto the fabric; be careful. For an even result, you should perhaps dilute the agent a little and soak the fabric in it. Now, if you stir regularly, distribute the bleach well.

The best way to create targeted splashes and stains in white is with the help of a squirt bottle or spray bottle (€ 12.49 on Amazon *). In this case, decanting is mandatory in order to be able to proceed in a targeted manner. Jeans in particular look good in a contrasting stain outfit!

Bleach unwashed fabrics? Better not!

A fabric can only be reliably bleached white if it is not soiled and does not contain any chemical residues from production. So wash your garment at least once before bleaching, and definitely without fabric softener.

Under no circumstances bleach the surroundings

The environment can also be sensitive to bleach. So clear away everything that is in the way or cover the surrounding area well. Also, make sure that your clothes do not get damaged as much as possible.

Forgot to wash out? Gone stupid!

Do you like chlorine on your skin? If not, wash the fabric carefully after bleaching it so that no chemicals remain in it. And it's better to run the wash several times than just once.

Does your fabric still smell of chlorine despite all washing? Then it is important to ventilate it thoroughly in the fresh air! At some point the scent will disappear by itself.
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