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Zhong Shanshan : With mineral water he became the richest Chinese

No sooner had the media reported that Elon Musk was now the richest person in the world than Jeff Bezos pushed him back from first place. When a fortune hangs on stock prices, it fluctuates quickly. Only a few ranks behind the American tech billionaires is a man who is still little known outside of China: Zhong Shanshan. Many names were given to him last. He is the anti-Jack-Ma, the lone wolf among the Chinese billionaires, the bottled water king of the People's Republic. A new title was added at the beginning of the year: Zhong is the richest Chinese.

He has ousted internet billionaire Jack Ma, who recently disappeared from the public for a long time, from first place. Since the beginning of the year, Zhong's fortune has grown significantly and is now around 75 billion euros. This makes the 66-year-old the sixth richest person on earth. Zhong outdid US investor Warren Buffet. However, Buffet donated billions. Unlike Alibaba founders Jack Ma or Jeff Bezos, Zhong Shanshan did not make his fortune in the digital sector. Every child in China knows Zhong's product: Nongfu Shanquan, drinking water in plastic bottles.

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It is by far the cheapest mineral water on the market in the People's Republic. A half-liter bottle costs around 2 yuan, which is barely more than twenty cents. The mountain farmers spring water, this is how the name of the brand can be freely translated. The bottles have a simple logo with three green mountains that are reflected in a lake.

Enthusiasm in the stock market

Bottled water is also good business in China because tap water is completely inedible in most regions. Zhong floated Nongfu in September, making it one of the most successful launches Hong Kong traders had ever seen. The share was oversubscribed 1148 times. From September until today the rate has almost doubled, it is now over 60,000 Hong Kong dollars, the equivalent of around 6,400 euros.

In addition to Nongfu, Zhong made a name for itself with another IPO in April. Beijing Wantai is working on a corona vaccine to be administered as a nasal spray. Although the vaccine is not yet available, the share price has risen 1.6 times since the beginning of the year alone.

In November, Wantai started a phase 2 study with 720 participants in the east Chinese province of Jiangsu; phase 3 with further studies is imminent before approval is granted. According to press reports, the company hopes that nasal administration will induce immune system responses similar to those of infection.

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