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Seven courses are offered at the HFF Munich: Cinema and television film (Dept. III), documentary film and television journalism (Dept. IV), montage (Dept. III / IV), production and media management (Dept. V), screenplay (Dept. VI), image design and VFX (both Dept. III / IV) VII).

The courses offered by the Media Studies (Dept. I) and Technology (Dept. II) departments are compulsory for all students. A separate application for studying these subjects is not possible.

The departments offer the opportunity in their own chairs and areas to deepen and specialize in knowledge during the course:

Chair VFX (Dept. II), Chair Assembly (Dept. III and Dept. IV), Area TV Journalism (Dept. IV), Area Advertising (Dept. V), Chair Creative Writing (Dept. VI), Chair Serial Storytelling (Dept. IV) . VI), Chair of Image, Light, Space (Dept. VII)

You can apply to the HFF Munich for these courses.

The knowledge from these two departments is for
compulsory for all students.

Additional offers from the departments in which you can deepen your knowledge or specialize.