Who was the first Muslim

Who was the first Muslim.

No contradiction can be ascertained here, because:

  • Mohammed (sws) was indeed the first Muslim in today's sense his company.1
  • In German, too, “the first” (e.g. the “class first” or “class leader”) often simply means the person who is most distinguished by something - in this case by devotion to God.
  • Even literally and absolutely, no contradiction could be established as long as the chronology of the creation of souls is not known. These - also Mohammed's (s) - are known to have been created in front of the bodies.
  • Since Muslim is a normal Arabic word, the full translation is: Say: [...] He has no partner and I am the first of the surrenders. This way of speaking can be compared to the following: Say: If the Merciful has a child, I am the first of the worshipers2. The speaker of these words is undoubtedly aware that at the time of the communication of exactly this statement, many people actually accepted a child of God who has long been worshiped (even by the people who are being criticized here!). Thus, the explanation is not far that no historical-chronological first devotee is meant, but the one who most likely readyto surrender or worship, or whoever is the first to surrender or worship at every opportunity.

By the way, the first Muslim man was Adam, and before him all angels and other beings were Muslims.