Is there something that doesn't move

"Only those who move something stay in motion."

You are self-grown by ti & m and have been working here for almost four and a half years. Does the beer taste so good here or what makes you so happy?

(laughs) Of course, my own ti & m beer tastes great, but of course that is not the only reason why I feel good here. It is primarily the exciting, varied and innovative projects that I was allowed to do and still am allowed to do together with outstanding employees. In my time at ti & m, I have come across different characters, personalities and exciting people who have always had a positive impact on me. The great atmosphere is remarkable, everyone is pulling in the same direction.

You were promoted to Head Bern at the end of last year. Do you notice a difference between the people of Zurich and Bern? Is your job more comfortable now?

I wouldn't say that it's cozier in Bern, but it's definitely a little more familiar. It's not as hectic and loud as in Zurich. (laughs). Our way of working, mentality and our values ​​such as courage, inventiveness and agility are the same at both locations. We support and complement each other in every situation, we live the active participation and put the team in the foreground at all times.

How do you manage to keep your motivation high?

The term motivation comes from the Latin and means movement or driving. A value that is deeply rooted in the company DNA of ti & m thanks to its “agility”. For me, factors such as responsibility, variety and participation are the fuel of my daily motivation. It is the people, common goals and, above all, satisfied employees or customers that drive me anew every day. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer or employee who is proud of their work. Each of these gives me a huge boost in motivation. It is also important not to forget to have fun at work. We laugh a lot together, have exciting discussions or just have a good time, e.g. at a game of Jass after work.

Which projects do you like to think back on?

There is really no project that I don't like to think back on. In Zurich I worked on many projects in the finance sector. Each project has its own stories to tell, its individual challenges and jointly achieved successes. For me personally, the mortgage extension solution for a smaller bank, the digital asset management platform “clevercircles”, which arose from an idea from the customer with a blank sheet of paper, or the implementation of our new e-banking product, which benchmarks in banking, are of particular importance to me personally will put. In retrospect, it is fun to see what digital solutions we were able to implement together with our customers, but all projects have one thing in common: Great friendships have developed that last beyond the project duration.

Which ti & m experience do you like to remember?

There is not one moment that I remember. There are many small moments that I like to recall. In retrospect, the moments that weld you together as a team are fondly remembered. Be it due to a technical hurdle in a project that had to be solved together as part of a night and fog campaign or simply creative ideas, cool innovations and new technologies were discussed over a cool beer and delicious pizza.

What has been your most exciting and perhaps also the most demanding project so far. Can you briefly say something about it?

That is difficult to say. Every project is challenging and exciting in its own way. The most complex was certainly the mobile banking project, which I was able to realize together with Bank CIC. It was also the largest project I was allowed to work on at ti & m.

Unusual events are part of our daily routine. Which event would you definitely not miss?

Our summer event “shake the lake” naturally has a big place in the calendar. With elements such as water, wind and waves, this event fits perfectly with ti & m, simply a great occasion together with our customers. Since I've been working in Bern, I've been accepted into the sacred circle of the November grasshopper meeting. On the last Thursday in November, our Valais colleagues organize a traditional & rustic raclette meal with a family. Those who like cheese, white wine and schnapps are in good hands.

(We have now always spoken of the positive). Have you already had a negative spiral? How did you deal with it? How did the company support you?

Fortunately, I have not yet experienced negative spirals at ti & m. On the one hand, I always approach a topic positively and try to make the best of a situation. On the other hand, we at ti & m always support each other, anytime and anywhere. You know perfectly well that you can get any kind of support when you need it. We solve problems in a team quickly and easily and emerge stronger from a negative situation.

We ti & m people call ourselves “surfers”. We are agile, see things ahead and reach our goal safely. How can you identify with it?

Agility is the opposite of standing still, so I can identify very well as a “surfer”, even after standing on a surfboard. I particularly like a motto from last year's art @ work artist DrüEgg on the subject of agility: "If you want to make a difference, you have to keep moving." This motto could hardly be more appropriate for the DNA of ti & m. If you don't move constantly, curiously try out unknown things or bravely go new ways, then you stop. But that is definitely not the case with us!

After completing your master’s degree, you gained several years of work experience in banking before you came to us. Is ti & m a suitable career springboard for university graduates?

Absolutely. At ti & m you get an insight into a wide variety of industries and can implement innovative projects. It is also very familiar compared to large companies. You learn to find your way around the work environment after university and can benefit from the interdisciplinary composition at ti & m. In addition, you work with a wide variety of personalities, in different constellations and on varied topics, from young to old and from creative to innovative, everything is included. Ti & m is the ideal employer to fill your pack of experience with cool projects and to be able to develop further within the company.

In your free time you like to be in nature, do you still have enough time for that?

Fortunately, I can take this time at any time and it is also important to me to recharge my batteries or develop new ideas. Sometimes you just need a little time and space to approach a topic with renewed vigor. With the “Liquid Working” working time model from ti & m, I can take my personal freedom at any time. If I want to reduce my workload or take a break, I can request this at any time, even at the end of the month. It couldn't be more flexible!