What do women do at kitty parties

The first time - sex in the KitKat

“As you know, Masha, was Sex in public is never really my topic. So, I'm neither particularly shy nor inexperienced, but I always thought: why should other people watch me birding? That gives me little or nothing - and that other people can jerk off on me, I can do without that. That's why I never planned to have sex in a club. You've already told me a lot about KitKat and other sex parties. And I always thought, okay, that sounds nice, I want to try that too. Maybe the end of my relationship had something to do with the fact that I actually did it that year. I wanted finally see this oh-so-famous shop from the inside, and because my two best friends were also in the mood, I threw myself into a lace body (you explained to me how things go with the outfits and so on) and we went there on a Saturday. Mind you, without a specific goal, I just wanted to see what happened.

When we got inside, first of all total relief and a bit of pride that it worked. Not everyone has survived the bouncer's strict outfit check. The next thought in the cloakroom: crazy, all half-naked. And awesome, actually guests of all ages and with completely different looks. In clubs like Berghain, age and outfits are somehow, let's not pretend, more uniform. The style of the KitKatClubs itself, on the other hand, was a bit cute, with these hand-painted luminous pictures on the walls, stopped a little in time. But I thought it was great too because it just doesn't look like every hip techno club in Berlin. And, that deserves an extra mention: the toilets were comparatively clean and there was toilet paper and soap all night. The dance floor was, it was half past one, pretty full, everyone was happy, but at first glance everything was far less blatant than I had imagined. Actually, only the bartenders were really naked, and At first I didn't see anything of sex either. But the atmosphere was great, even techno was happy.

First impression of the KitKat: all happy, many half-naked

Little by little I understood the club, so where is what, who is doing what where. There is plenty of space to sit and also to make out, at the front of the entrance area, by the pool, as a kind of dark room, as I learned, the balcony above the dance floor functions. I had to look at each other, of course, and yes, people had sex there, especially men. And a few others just sat there and watched the whole thing. And then there is the huge basement area, there are also, quite cliché, a couple of couches and beds around. But it was still rather quiet there. At first I only noticed all of this, found it somehow exciting, but my own lust was still limited. Until, at some point, I stopped just observing and immersed myself more and more. That was, admittedly, also due to a lot of champagne and schnapps. But I also felt extremely comfortable just dancing in my body, and dancing brought you closer to more and more people. Everyone felt like touching each other somehowto compliment the other person, to marvel at each other's outfits. Everyone was touchy, gay or straight, it was kind of easy more and more physical contact.

And then there he was, such a big guy with a glitter vest, except for the size, not really my type at first sight. I think I was just hipster type, bearded, slim, jeans, shirt, but somehow everything was different here. He was more of the middle-aged type and with a brush haircut, but looked incredibly nice and danced so loosely, it didn't fit together that much and was therefore exciting. We almost collided while we were dancing, he smiled, I smiled, and, that seldom happens to me, we made out before we even said our names. I'm not exactly sure if he threw anything in or was just in such a good mood and so relaxed at the same time. The whole half-naked dancing and the many snogging people around us had a pretty strong effect on me. And there was sure to be somehow the thought: Lana, now dare to do something. I don't even remember who had the idea, but we went to the edge of the dance floor, where you can climb boxes and watch all the people from above in the semi-darkness. To be honest, I don't know how well we could be seen, we just started making out spontaneously. We didn't have to take off too much anyway, in retrospect, that certainly contributed to lowering the inhibition threshold. And you not only smooch, but also straight away wanted to touch all other parts of the body. Relatively quickly he pushed my body to the side and between my legs with his hand. I was amazed how little I found it all funny. Because, at least I think so, at least two other people were sitting right next to us and also absorbed in each other. What I found nice was that we - his name was Marc, by the way, and was actually already in his mid-40s - kept communicating and laughing at the situation from time to time, which I definitely needed to feel good.

Sex in the club: less blatant than expected

Since I am extremely careful when it comes to safer sex and no longer believed the condom that had been floating around in my handbag for about half a year to be wild, we “only” had oral sex. That was also more practical on these strange stools, he could stand, I sit, and vice versa. It came very quickly, I didn't at all - but that was okay, because it was too tight, too loud, too uncomfortable for me to really get involved. It was exciting, it was kind of funny too, especially because every now and then I looked at the dancing people down there and thought: It's all crazy here, somehow. You once told me that it can happen that other people just want to join in and join in. I was glad that we were sitting in a rather narrow corner and not on these large lying areas on the other side. Because I wasn't in the mood for even more viewers and possibly other guys who just joined in. With group sex in a club, I would lose track of things far too quickly. As I said, that's and probably never will be my thing. So the whole thing was still a bit intimate.

It was sweet that Marc and I danced around a bit like new lovers afterwards, even if it was somehow clear that we might never see each other again after that night. We didn't really address that at all, although in the end he still gave it to me scribbled his number on a piece of paper. He then wrote to me a couple of times, rather irrelevant, for him it wasn't the first sex in the club and he was pretty calm. For me it was an experience that was nice, exciting, but not as exciting as I thought. Which is also a realization. I will definitely go to the KitKat again. But I'll stick with it: I'll just go there and see what happens. Without a specific goal. Because even without sex the night would have been exciting and exciting. "

So much for my friend Lana.

It's good that I asked!

Your Masha