How will porn help your relationship

Is porn relationship killers?

They are a dime a dozen, the sex film business is still booming. If women catch their partner consuming porn or discovering his porn collection, they often react in shock and feel cheated. Others, on the other hand, do not care, for them porn is no fuel for a crisis. However, if the partner watches porn, sometimes secretly, this can put a strain on the relationship.

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Porn can put a strain on relationships

The range of pornographic content is growing continuously. Getting porn has never been easier, and it's free too. Although the proportion of male users predominates, more and more women are also enjoying sex movies. If fun and satisfaction are the main motives for the majority of users, porn is also increasingly being criticized. In heated debates on the subject, keywords such as misogyny, glorification of violence and humiliation are used.

Whatever you think of it, what does porn consumption mean on a partnership level? If it is difficult for the partner to understand why her partner consumes porn, a relationship based on trust and mutual respect is quickly put to the test. Many find that porn has no place in an intact relationship in which both partners enter into one another.

Psychologists point out that it is porn

  • promote the pressure to perform in the partnership,
  • unsettle the partner,
  • trigger a lack of self-esteem and feelings of insufficient or just a sex object
  • and can be frustrating.
  • Added to this is the fear that he will also want to carry out the actions in porn in reality.

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What to do if porn is causing arguments

If the partner watches sex films without the partner's knowledge or consent, she may perceive it as selfish, feel betrayed or even cheated.

  • One possibility can be to watch the films together. However, if the partner cannot do anything with it or is offended, a solution must be found that is satisfactory to both sides.
  • Forbidding your partner to watch porn is difficult, as a certain degree of tolerance is part of a relationship.
  • On the other hand, it also includes consideration, the partner should take the feelings of his hurt partner seriously and should not ignore them.
  • Here it helps to seek the conversation and find out why the partner likes to watch porn and what feelings it triggers in the partner.
  • Continuing to watch porn secretly is clearly not an option, because that is all the more abusing trust.
  • If the partners do not come to a conclusion, couples therapy can help.

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