What are medicinal vegetables

The market for fruit and vegetables is large and extremely diverse. It ranges from freshly picked goods to ready-to-eat salads and dried fruit. All of these foods have one thing in common: They are sensitive and require hygienic and careful handling during harvest, storage, preparation, packaging and distribution. Precise temperature control is one of the most important success factors.

Across this entire value chain, PanGas has the necessary specialist expertise and the appropriate technologies with which you can precisely regulate temperatures, improve processing conditions, adjust production capacities as required, increase the yield of the products and finally extend the shelf life of the food in a natural way.

Fruits and vegetables of the highest quality should be packed with protective gas or stored in a controlled atmosphere.

The following are also decisive for guaranteeing the quality and extended shelf life of products packed in a protective atmosphere: Hygienic and gentle treatment during the entire process - harvesting, storage, preparation, packaging and distribution at the correct cooling temperature.


Fresh fruit and vegetables as part of modern convenience food must be able to breathe. The respiration rate is determined by the type and size of the products as well as their maturity and degree of processing. Packaging and storage parameters also play a decisive role. The optimal coordination therefore requires a lot of experience.

PanGas offers BIOGON for this® NOCA, which is tailored to the special requirements of fresh fruit and vegetable products. Nitrogen in the pack takes over the function of the supporting gas. Oxygen acts as a breathing reserve, carbon dioxide has a bacteriostatic and thus passivating effect. Argon has an inhibiting effect on certain enzymatic browning reactions.