Is Ethereum Better Than Z Cash

ZCash vs Ethereum - which is better for mining with RTX 3070?

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Yes, I left it on KH, because I would earn over 6000 $ / day with MH / s, according to the calculator, which can then no longer be true :-) (although it would be cool ) !

With MH / s it comes to over 6000 $ a day, unfortunately it can't be right!

the question of earning is relative. electricity minus really good wear and tear up to the failure of the graphics card (often after the guarantee should be taken into account.

if you actually believe in cryptocoins (sure potential there I think), then just buy them directly in reputable portals. do the environment and you a favor in the end

Hmmm, don't quite understand your answer. ! What do you mean by buying them directly from reputable portals? Do you mean Nicehash or something?

I would then mine again via "MiningPoolHub", as I did 3 or 4 years ago! You can mine everything from Ethereum to Zcash! Back then I earned around 2 euros a day when the rate was even higher!

Do you think that MiningPoolHub is dubious? Or are there better platforms?

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