When did Vivian Lee die?

Vivien Leigh left her husband in June 1938 and moved into an apartment in Chelsea with Laurence Olivier1), Daughter Suzanne placed her in the care of her mother. When Olivier went to Hollywood to film in the fall of 1938, Vivien Leigh accompanied him and received with the character of Scarlett O'Hara in the southern epic "Gone with the Wind"1) (1939, "Gone with the Wind") based on the novel of the same name1) by Margaret Mitchell1) the role of her life. The film made the attractive actress with the expressive eyes internationally known overnight, Vivien Leigh had made her breakthrough to the screen idol and achieved world fame. The blockbuster producer, David O. Selznick1), chose Leigh himself from more than 1,400 applicants - including stars like Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis - for the role. "Leigh had to take speaking lessons to learn the southern accent. She also took singing and ballet lessons to improve her voice and posture." noted Wikipedia.
"Gone with the Wind" starring Clark Gable as Rhett Butler was at the Academy Awards1) on February 29, 1940 with a total of ten "Academy Awards"1) excellent, Vivien Leigh also received the coveted trophy for "Best Actress"1). Clark Gabele, who was nominated for "Best Actor", was left empty-handed and was defeated by Robert Donat1) in "Goodbye Mr. Chips"1). → Film description for "Gone with the Wind" within this HP

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara with Clark Gable
as Rhett Butler in the movie "Gone with the Wind"
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