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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter:
Paid Social: Tips for advertising in the four largest networks

The entry barrier for social media advertising is low. A few advertising euros are enough to significantly increase the reach. Thanks to the good targeting options, even small budgets can be used particularly efficiently. Social ads often pay directly to the conversion rate and have a directly measurable ROI. Ultimately, they direct the user directly to their own landing page.

The advantages speak for the medium. But not only that: The decreasing organic reach in the networks requires new strategies. Anyone who seriously wants to do social media marketing in 2018 cannot avoid paid social. The following tips for the four most important B2C networks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, show how paid social media advertising works.


  1. Video advertising is becoming more and more important because the consumption of moving images on the platform is increasing. 100 million hours of video content are consumed there every day. The average viewing time of sponsored videos is 5.7 seconds - for organic it is 16.7 seconds. This should be considered when composing the video.
  2. Mobile usage dominates: In Germany, 27 million people log into Facebook every day with their mobile device. That's why brands should run their campaigns mobile-first create. For example, because users scroll 41 percent faster through the mobile newsfeed than through the one on the desktop, mobile ads should be captured more quickly.
  3. Because of the wide range of targeting options, it's important to have a strategy, hypothesize, and then test them. "This is the only way to save money in the long term and optimize the return on investment," explains Helge Ruff, Managing director of 1-2-Social.