How much should content creation normally cost

SEO costs in 2021

What does search engine optimization (SEO) cost?

According to a study by iBusiness, the average is Hourly rate at an SEO agency 90 €. The hourly rates at the top agencies in the DACH region are € 120 to € 170. Unfortunately, OnPage monitoring is not enough to increase visibility on Google, but also to maintain it. No, hours have to be invested in content creation, link building and new SEO measures. That's why you should usually go with SEO costs from € 1,000 per month count, even in small niches.

We primarily look after larger projects and customers who have ambitious goals. For this reason, our ongoing SEO support starts at € 3,600 per month.

What are the estimated monthly costs for search engine optimization?

€ 500 to € 1,000 per month (plus VAT)

For whom?
Small businesses in small towns or villages (with small geographic reach).


€ 1,000 to € 3,000 per month (plus VAT)

For whom?
Companies in medium-sized cities and more competitive markets (more potential customers / larger transactions; with smaller geographic reach)


  • Lawyers
  • Real estate agent

€ 3,000 to € 5,000 per month (plus VAT)

For whom?
For companies with a national niche market


  • Small and medium-sized online shops
  • Digital agencies

10,000 € and more per month (plus VAT)

For whom?
For companies with a national or international target market


  • Large online stores
  • Insurance and finance

Experts and other websites keep talking about sensible budgets. In practice, it depends on the individual market and the individual keywords. Each keyword is a separate competition. Accordingly, flat rates are out of place.

You should also keep in mind that a little search engine optimization and content marketing will not bring you any ROI. Everything is jammed on the first page of Google. If your page is ranked lower than 11th, you will get almost no visitors. The rule is: Go big or go home!

How do SEO agencies get their prices?

To understand how to use their SEO agencies Flat rates per month come on, here are some examples of that Effort from typical SEO measures:

  • An extensive one counselor (like this one) has to be researched, written, checked, coordinated, optimized, designed and updated. Expenditure: 10 to 15 hours
  • A small Link building campaign via outreach includes researching contacts, covering letters from these contacts, writing guest articles and possibly financial compensation. Effort for three high quality backlinks (no link purchase through a link broker): 20 to 30 hours
  • A OnPage catalog of measures for an average online shop includes aspects related to SEO, technology, usability and information architecture. Expenditure: 15 to 25 hours

With these numbers in mind, it is very clear that search engine optimization for € 100 per month or even one-time is an illusion.

What about traffic promises, records of achievement, and goals?

HubSpot recommends for term contracts To record goals in writing as detailed as possible. However, the same post also claims that Google is constantly changing the algorithm and that the competition is not standing still.

That is why we define only goals that we can achieve under our own power, and not any estimates:

  • How much content should be created in 12 months?
  • How many keywords should be covered with content tailored to the search intention?
  • How many backlinks should be built?

All other target definitions are like weather forecasts. Nice, but probably wrong. In addition, in many cases an SEO agency is largely dependent on the Cooperation of the customer dependent. The bigger the customer, the greater the chance that the collaboration will not be quite as fluid. Put simply, an SEO agency cannot sign traffic promises or ranking goals.

Success control and Proof of achievement are essential, but not in the form of ranking promises or traffic numbers. Or, as an SEO expert, can I predict how all competitors will behave in the next 12 months and how the Google algorithm will develop? Then I would be that most sought-after search engine optimizers in this galaxy.