Prove pi that nature is continuous

Handmade home accessories from Mexico

The French fair trade label PI-Project is committed to the preservation of Mexican production methods and proves with its baskets, compartments or hammocks that doing good can also be beautiful.

Work is a woman's business here

The women sit together on the shady veranda, chatting happily, braiding. Her fingers nimbly cross the long fibers of palm leaves. Strictly geometric patterns soon become visible in the mix with colored fibers. “Most of our craftsmen are women,” explains Ariane Lhomme. “Because of the massive emigration to the USA, many villages in Mexico are deserted or only inhabited by women.” Four years ago, the Frenchwoman founded the fair trade label PI-Project with her partner Jonathan Almanza, where PI stands for “Patrimonio Inmaterial”. stands, i.e. the preservation of Mexican culture.

Fair trade hits the nerve of the times

“We started with seven craft groups from families, collectives and workshops who manufacture baskets, hats, fans, but also embroidered cushions, hammocks and paper garlands for us. The number has almost doubled to date, ”reports Ariane, who previously oversaw projects for non-governmental organizations for sustainable development in Mexico. A clear sign that the initiative, with its practical and attractive products made from naturally renewable materials, is fully in line with the sustainability trend in Europe. They also go well with the minimalist wabi-sabi style as well as the more opulent boho look. And because PI-Project is committed to fair trade, the women in Mexico also benefit from it.

You can achieve a lot together

The aim is continuous production that guarantees the indigenous population in rural regions such as Campeche, Guerrero or Cuicatlán a regular income. The craftsmen set their prices themselves and sign each product with their name. New ideas are developed together: “We recently introduced lampshades. The women were enthusiastic about trying out shapes and styles, ”says Ariane happily about the collaboration. “Unfortunately, that's not enough to win over the younger generation to the old techniques. But at least a start has been made with their receipt. “So now to you, Mr. Trump!
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