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Nutrition Council Innsbruck



Why Are more and more people in Innsbruck interested in and committed to new ways of food supply?

Which Are you striving for changes?

Which Structures and modes of action shape our current food systems?

What does our daily food supply have to do with the well-being of humans, animals and the environment?

Many individual voices are good - but together we can move more and build stronger bridges for a fair, efficient and ecological food system.
A nutrition council wants just that!

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Above all, a nutrition council wants to:
  • act as an advisory body as an interface between all those involved in food production and supply as well as the local public administration
  • Bringing decisions about our food to the local level and supporting sustainable processes there
  • Help shape a nutrition policy that makes healthy and sustainable nutrition possible for all people
  • Create awareness of grievances in social, ecological and economic terms and point out options for action for various groups of actors (e.g. consumers, producers, procurement, etc.)

Each nutrition council gives itself a special look by dealing with local structures, goals and specific activities. The abilities of the members and the uniqueness of each city come into their own here. The basis for this is a balanced composition of actors from civil society, business and administration.