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Leafed through - "The best bookstore in the world"

Do you personally know the best bookstore in the world? What is the difference between your favorite bookstore and other bookstores? Question after question that every reader and book buyer can answer for himself. But one question remains unanswered and the reader might be interested in: Where do writers actually buy their books? Authors are finally taking their readers on an extremely varied and exciting foray through their world of bookshops. The series of the Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels, which has been very successful for several years and in which authors regularly present their bookstore favorites, is now finally available in book format thanks to publisher Holger Heimann (Börsenblatt editor)!

Under the title "The best bookstore in the world" 50 writers such as Durs Grünbein, Benedict Wells, Thomas Glavinic, Adolf Muschg, Jenny Erpenbeck, Peter Stamm and Bodo Kirchhoff present their favorite bookstore. This book is like a book trade trip through the whole of Germany with small trips to Austria and Switzerland. Above all, it is a literary treasure trove of fantastic stories, experiences and experiences that inspire you to smile, marvel, be amazed and discover.

Of course, these bookstore portraits are more than subjective, they describe the very personal taste of each author, his preferences and requirements. As a result, we not only get to know the bookstore as a “sales room” for books, but also quite by chance come across the operator, manager, owner or bookseller of this venerable small or large bookstore.

Seldom have we as readers been able to stroll through 50 different bookstores so comfortably to be inspired and to get to know the ideas of the authors but also the peculiarities of their favorite booksellers, as the following examples clearly show:

Adolf Muschg has chosen a very special bookstore that does not seem consumer-oriented, but feels like a little voyage of discovery in which the owner as a "literature travel guide" is a real "stroke of luck":

«Alfred Strohmaier in Regensburg is one of them. And it depends on the optics whether you view your Atlantis bookstore as an island of calm and concentration - or as visible proof that the continent of reading has not perished. Alfred Strohmeier: a Prospero who does not sunk his magic drugs, the books, in their own mass, but treats them as individual pieces, even as precious objects. His business is actually a book cabinet in which rarity is not a matter of price, but of education, and education is part of everyday life. »

Felicitas Hoppe, on the other hand, prefers book stores to small bookshops in Berlin:

«Since I've lived in Mitte: only Dussmann. It smells of indolence, of lack of discernment. But I like to go to department stores, anonymously and always welcome. My visit has little to do with books, even less with the fact that Dussmann has (almost) everything (in words, images, sound), but with the view from the upper floor. I sit (a random book on my lap) in a Dussmann armchair, look down on Friedrichsstrasse and imagine that I hadn't come to buy, but to read, possibly to live, and could let myself be locked here at night in the light of the street lamps to write my own books. "

Thomas Glavinic has his favorite bookstore in Vienna and a very special one, too, as it is open until 1 a.m. and offers a number of services that are rather unusual for bookstores:

“The Phil bookstore in Vienna has one advantage: It's a pub. You can of course also express it the other way round: Compared to the windy bars where I usually stop, Phil has the advantage that you can buy books there. »

Matthias Politycki needs a bookstore that takes away his fear of emerging and is therefore so enthusiastic about "his" bookseller, the owner of the Samtleben bookstore in Hamburg:

«Stephan Samtleben is such a bookseller who is so completely penetrated by his knowledge that he doesn't need to make you feel guilty with it - on the contrary, you immediately get in a good mood, and if he does then quietly, gets into raptures in an unexcited way, he always remains so precise and unpretentious that you ... yes, sometimes caught the thought that reading could still be a pleasure somewhere. »

It was not easy for Peter Stamm to answer the question about his favorite bookstore, as he could and did not want to commit himself to one bookstore. Ultimately, the selection or the assortment was not decisive for his decision, as you can immediately see here at his favorite bookstore in Winterthur:

“Perhaps even more important is the atmosphere in a bookstore. At Obergass Bücher you can immediately tell that the work here is female readers who are enthusiastic about books. »

At the latest now or after reading these bookstore portraits, you yourself begin to think about which bookstore you would now count as one of your favorites. Holger Heimann has achieved a little bravura by combining these individual portraits from the Börsenblatt series, the weekly magazine of the German book trade, to create this wonderful book. Now every reader, book buyer, book lover and not only the specialist staff of the book industry can discover these extraordinary stories, stories, portraits, almost essays about the respective trusted bookseller or the favorite bookstore of fifty writers.

This work is a very beautiful and more than important book in the age of the Internet bookstore and ordering with a click, also and precisely because, unfortunately, some of the bookstores presented here no longer exist. Of course, not every author has a cute little bookstore as his top favorite, many writers prefer the branch of a bookstore chain for very different reasons. And it is precisely this mixture that makes this book so interesting, as there are seldom such real insights into visitor behavior and the selection of authors with regard to their bookstores.

"The best bookstore in the world" is one of the few really strong books about bookstores and one of the most important new releases of this year. A book that should almost be part of the compulsory reading program for every discerning reader, even if they already have their favorite bookstore or are just looking for the one and only true one!

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