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the Prime Ministers of India and Japan met in Tokyo.India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Toko on his first important foreign visit since his election victory in May to discuss economic and security relations.Mr. Modi is on a five-day trip to Japan to consolidate economic ties with the world's third largest economy.Plans for greater nuclear cooperation are high on the agenda.India is also reportedly hoping for a defense cooperation treaty between the two nations.Karratha police arrest 20-year-olds after speeding up motorcycle chasea motorcycle was confiscated after the driver drove it at 125 km / h in a 70 km / h zone and through bushland to escape police in Bilbara.Traffic cops in Karratha attempted to stop a blue motorcycle this morning after watching it exit a gas station on Bathdate Road at 125 km / h.police report that the driver then ignored the stop signals and continued on Burgess Road before turning into the bushland, where officers lost sight of it.the motorcycle and a person who matched the driver's description were later seen at a house on Walcott Way in Bulgarra.Karratha police accused a 20-year-old man of ignoring a stop signal and reckless driving.he is due to appear before the district court in Karratha on September 23.the motorcycle was seized and confiscated for three months.George Webster charged with hotel rape in Naim and Pitlochrya man is on trial for raping women in two hotels.George Webster, 28, read the charges at a hearing by the Glasgow Supreme Court.he is accused of raping a woman at Scotland 's Hotel in Pitlochry, Perthshire on June 7, 2013.the charge is that Webster attacked her while she was "unconscious, asleep, and unable to give consent".Webster is also charged with raping a second woman on May 4, 2014 at the Golf View Hotel in Naim in the Scottish Highlands.Judge Lady Rae set the hearing on November 17th at the Edinburgh Supreme Court.Return to the very American ideal of labor rights as human rightsCongressmen Keith Ellison and John Lewis have tabled a bill to establish union organization as a civil right."Just as unions die, so do middle-class jobs," said Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and vice chairman of the Progressive Caucus in Congress.therefore, together with civil rights icon John Lewis, I am proud to present the Employee Authorization Act.this breakthrough law gives workers the same legal freedom to deal with discrimination based on union organization as they do other forms of discrimination - stopping anti-unionists.The amendment of the national labor law to provide an opportunity for workers exposed to discrimination to organize union representation, to seek justice in civil courts - and to receive damages or fines - is a sensible and necessary initiative.but it is certainly not a radical initiative - at least not by American fact, the best way to understand what Ellison, Lewis, and the other sponsors of their bill are proposing is to link it back to a very American idea.Despite the setbacks unions have faced in recent years - in Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states across the country - Americans once encouraged countries around the world to recognize, expand, and uphold labor rights.there was a time millions of Americans remember when this country mentioned democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to organize in the same breath.When the United States occupied Japan after World War II, General Douglas Mac Arthur and his staff encouraged the country to adopt a constitution designed to ensure that Hedki Tojo's militarized autocracy would be replaced by democracy.fully aware that workers and their unions had a role in the creation of a new Japan, they used language that explicitly recognized that "workers' rights to association and bargaining and bargaining are guaranteed".when the United States occupied Germany after World War II, General Dwight David Eisenhower and his staff urged the Germans to write a constitution that would ensure that Adolf Hitler's fascism would be replaced by a strong democracy.Recognizing the fact that workers would have to organize and raise their voices in the new nation, the Germans added a clause explicitly stating "the right to form associations to suit labor and economic conditions every individual and every profession or trade is guaranteed to secure and improve.Agreements that limit or aim to diminish this right are null and void; Measures aimed at this are illegal.When former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt presided over the International Commission on Human Rights, which drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as adopted by the United Nations as a global treaty in 1948, Roosevelt and the rest of the authors added a guarantee that " everyone has the right to form or join trade unions to protect his interests ".For generations, Americans have accepted the basic premise that labor rights are human rights.When that country advised other countries on how to forge civil and democratic societies, Americans declared that the right to form a union - and then that union could then participate in collective bargaining as an equal partner with companies and government agencies - would be protected must.Indeed, after these rights have come under attack in America, it is very wise to revisit the American ideal that working people should have the right to unite and be heard in a free and open Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. said fifty years ago:history is a great everyone knows that the labor movement did not diminish the strength of the nation, but increased raising the living standards of millions of people, labor has miraculously created a market for industry and raised the entire nation to unimaginable levels of production.those who attack work forget these simple truths, but history preserves them.history remembers, and so should we.the formal recognition of labor rights as human rights - and the extension of the protection of civil rights as protection against discrimination in the creation of employee representatives - is long overdue.Keith Ellison and John Lewis renew the ideals that made America great in the past and kept the promise of democracy.Judge Temporarily Suspends Law That Could Force All Abortion Clinics In Louisiana To Closea US federal judge on Sunday temporarily halted enforcement of a law in Louisiana that lawyers say may have closed all five abortion clinics in the state.this move, which was made law by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in June and due to come into effect Sept. 1, would force abortion doctors to be admitted to a hospital within a 30 mile radius to acquire their practice.however, the judge's decision means doctors can continue to legally perform abortions for the time being while they apply for such a right."Plaintiffs can legally continue to operate while they strive to obtain these rights," Federal Judge John deGravelles wrote in his ruling.a hearing for the judge will be scheduled within one month to make the law more permanent.Abortion advocates welcomed the decision, the latest in a series of judgments against similar measures, saying it would give doctors more time to gain hospitalization rights."Today's decision means Louisiana women are evading a sneaky law that will rob them of their health and rights," said Nancy Northup, president and chairman of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which sued on behalf of three of the state's five clinics had to stop the law.It was not immediately clear whether the judgment also extended to the doctors from the two clinics who had not joined the lawsuit and had also applied for referral rights.Louisiana is one of 11 states that have passed similar laws, with courts recently declaring such measures unconstitutional in Alabama and Mississippi.Key parts of a law in Texas that would have closed most of the remaining clinics in the state were halted by a federal judge on Friday.Abortion advocates and the American College of Ostretricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association agree that referral rights impose unnecessary restrictions on doctors.Opponents of abortion argue that the measures are designed to protect women's health, although some also welcomed the effects of clinic closings.only one doctor who performs abortions in Louisiana has referral rights, the Center for Reproductive Rights said.if all the rest of the doctors in the state are forced to stop doing abortions, that doctor would stop doing the surgery out of fear for his safety, the group said.When they argued against the verdict, Louisiana State officials said they would not punish doctors for performing abortions while their referral requests were pending.Delayed diagnosis and a lack of access to the best treatment options lead to higher death rates from ovarian cancer in rural areas.Angelina Jolie and her brother James posted a video homage online for their mother, who died of ovarian cancer in 2007.women in rural Australia are at higher risk of dying from ovarian cancer than women in urban areas.Researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 1,100 Australian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005 and found that only 25 percent were alive five years after being diagnosed.Research lead Susan Jordan of the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute said those who lived in rural and remote areas of the state had a 20 percent higher risk of death during the study than those in urban areas.small STUDY: new drugs could slow lung and ovarian cancerthe researchers looked at women's medical care over seven years.Dr. Jordan said a woman's age at diagnosis, type of ovarian cancer, previous illnesses, and social and economic status also all affected chances of survival.survival rates were lowest for older women and those whose cancer was more advanced at the time of diagnosis.those who lived in rural and remote areas of the state were at 20 percent higher risk of death during the study than those in urban areas.although the study didn't look at why out of town women were more likely to die of ovarian cancer, Dr. Jordan reported late diagnosis and lack of access to the best treatment centers as possible factors behind this."this disease is best treated by gynecologic oncologists, and these are mostly found in larger cities," she said.Despite the improvement in telemedicine services to counter the distances, she suggested, as a possible remedy, strengthening the service of flown in doctors to allow specialists to care for women closer to home, as well as treatment programs for people outside their area.Dr. Jordan said the study found poor long-term survival rates in women with ovarian cancer regardless of geographic status, underscoring the need for better treatment and prevention strategies.the study funded by Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer is published today in the Medical Journal of Australia.