Is Qwant better than Google


Most users use the Google search engine to do research on the Internet. Google has a global market share of almost 90 percent (January 2021: 86 percent). The remaining 10 percent are divided between the competitors. In addition to Bing and Yahoo, this also includes smaller search engines, which are often also useful: On the one hand, Google does not show all results, on the other hand, surfing behavior can be tracked much more easily here. Alternatives can sometimes be used to find different results for search queries. In addition, alternatives are often better able to guarantee data protection. There are also special search engines that do not save user data or use several other search engines.


Microsoft Bing is Google's biggest competitor, but has significantly less market share. Microsoft mainly integrates Bing in Windows 10 and in its voice assistant Cortana. Bing is generally structured like Google and has its advantages - especially when it comes to searching for videos and images. Here it is worthwhile to rely on Bing in parallel to Google.


Two very popular search engines that users can use as alternatives to Google are Ixquick and DuckDuckGo. Ixquick is a meta search engine from the Netherlands with a German interface. The provider advertises that it does not save any user data. The meta search uses the search results from several search engines and displays them in one interface. Ixquick and Startpage have been merged since 2016. Both come from the same company in Holland.


Like Google, DuckDuckGo is an American search engine which, however, attaches great importance to data protection. Here, too, other search engines are integrated in order to find suitable results. DuckDuckGo is stored as a search engine in many browsers and can be used as a standard search.

More Google alternatives - Yahoo, Lycos and Co.

For a thorough research on the Internet, you should always use several search engines, as you will get different results. Here are some interesting search engines:

  • - Internet veteran, especially strong in the area of ​​finance

  • - another German language search engine

  • - very fast and simple search engine with anonymization option

  • - German-speaking, anonymous search engine

  • - simple and fast search engine

  • fast and easy search engine

  • - for the search for municipalities and localities and information from the region

Metager - use meta search engines

Another type of search engine is the "meta search engine". Normal search engines like Google cannot search the entire Internet in view of the billions of Internet pages. Many specialists say that even Google only searches a maximum of 20 percent of the entire Internet. It's probably not even 5 percent. If you want to find as much information as possible from the Internet on a particular topic, meta search engines can be of enormous help. These search engines do not use their own algorithm to search the Internet, but instead pass the search terms on to a certain number of other search engines.

The meta search engine removes duplicate search results and sorts the results of the individual search engines in a separate ranking. The search results are arranged in the same way as with normal search engines. However, the search in meta search engines sometimes takes a little longer because the page has to wait for the result from all search engines.

The most popular German meta search engine - Metager - is operated by the University of Hanover. It is not only the most popular German meta search engine, but also the oldest and most sophisticated. MetaGer's developers are constantly improving the search engine. You can search research reports with MetaGer. You can also learn a lot about the development of search engines on the developers' pages. Scientifically interested Internet users in particular can find a lot of interesting information with MetaGer. Besides MetaGer, there are a few other German-language meta search engines:


The search engine Ecosia is ecologically inspired. The German search engine donates a large part of its income to nature conservation organizations. For some time now, the focus has been on planting trees in Burkina Faso. Ecosia mainly works with Bing on search results.


Qwant also provides anonymous search functions and, at the same time, integration into social networks. The search results are broken down into different categories. Search results can be shared on social networks, for example via Twitter and Facebook.


Startpage uses Google as an algorithm, but anonymizes the requests. The company is based in Holland. The developers do not use "targeted advertising". So no user data is evaluated. The search engine is also financed through advertising, but this is not personalized. Startpage and Ixquick come from the same company and are now one unit.

Wolfram Alpha

The Wolfram Alpha search engine is based on Mathematikca. In contrast to conventional search engines, Wolfram Alpha uses a semantic approach. The results are synthetic answers to questions. For example, if you enter "earth", you will not receive any search results for websites with this term, but information about the earth, such as the distance to the sun, the circumference, the weight, and much more. Wolfram Alpha therefore provides results for certain questions that users have, not a list of websites on which certain terms appear.

Children search engines

There are special search engines for children, such as This page specifically addresses the needs of children. The search engine is sponsored by the government and is reputable and safe for young people. On these pages, parents can find tips on which websites there are especially for children, as well as book tips. Other websites for children:

Search for regions and municipalities

Another area is searching for information in or for specific regions in Germany. You can search for the offices of a specific city, for craftsmen in a region, for the opening times of shops in a municipality, and many other things that would be lost if you searched the web with a normal search engine.

The website is the best-known directory and search portal for information about certain regions or cities in Germany. You can view the photo galleries of the various cities at and research for events in individual cities. Whatever information you are looking for about specific cities, the quickest way to find it is via (hal)