Who sang in 1969

ZDF hit parade 4, May 24th, 1969

On May 24, 1969, the 4th edition of the ZDF hit parade was broadcast.

For the first time Dieter Thomas Heck had to say his saying “3 times, please do not vote again”, because Roy Black was in first place for the third time in a row with his hit “I think of you”.

The video was for the 4th time that from the 1st broadcast, because the recordings of episodes 2 to 26 were destroyed in an archive fire at ZDF. Back to episode 4. Frank Farian landed in 5th place. He was new with “Dana, my Love”.

Heino went one place forward with “Treue Bergvagabunden”. He took 4th place in the 4th hit parade.

"The Big Hit" by Chris Roberts made it to number 3.

Chris Roberts was there for the first time, just like Ricky Shayne in second place with “The world has never seen this”.

The new productions included the Swiss contribution to the Grand Prix de la Chanson. Paola made it to number 5 in Europe with “Bonjour Bonjour”, but it shouldn't be enough for the next edition in Berlin.

Not only Paola, but also Bata Illic, Graham Bonney, Bernd Apitz, Nina Lizell, George Monro, Rainer Schöne and Renate Kern shared this fate. Bernd Apitz presented his hit “The moonlight was already beautiful”.

Graham Bonney was sure to be disappointed that the audience didn't vote him back on the show. After all, he was one of the absolute favorites with young viewers.

For Bata Illic it was already the 2nd visit to Berlin. However, he didn't make it into the top five with “Love comes in the evening” either.

Renate Kern was able to place herself well in the hit parades with “Let the sunshine”. It wasn't enough for the Bremen singer to meet again in Berlin.

Nina Lizell sang “Im Schlaraffenland” on her debut in the ZDF hit parade. The singer was one of the popular pop stars in Sweden.

George Monro comes from Greece. His real name is Georgios Mavridis. He came to Hamburg from Athens in the late 1960s. There he recorded some hits. There was also a collaboration with Frank Dostal, who was able to celebrate his first successes as a member of the band Wonderland. George Monro started with Dieter Thomas Heck with “You should live with my love”.

The hits from the musical “Hair” in 1969 were very popular in the international charts. Reiner Schöne started with “Der Wassermann” in the ZDF hit parade, the German version of “Aquarius”. Unfortunately, this recording of the actor and singer, who is best known as the dubbing voice of Darth Vader, cannot be found on the net. But the German original recording of the song. It was sung by Donna Gaines. This is a later world star, because Giorgio Moroder made Donna Summer out of Ms. Gaines.

The only one who made it from the new releases to be there again in the 5th episode was Peter Orloff with “Monika”.

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