How can I want to live 1

I. The development towards suicide / suicide attempt

Suicide is not an "illness", but it is often a conclusionpathological developmentthat one at the following three phases recognizes:


1. Consideration phase

In this first stage theSuicide as a possible solution to the problem taken into consideration.

Often playing on the outsiderole models an important role, e.g. suicides in the family, the environment, literary figures (think e.g. of Goethe’s Werther), etc.

Internally there are also deeply rooted causes such asaggressionsthat can not be discharged to the outside and soagainst yourself turn.


2. Ambivalence phase

Suicidality is based on an ambivalence between life and death. Once the thought of suicide is seriously considered, a fight ensues betweenself-sustaining and self-destructive forces.

At this stage the contestant givesAppeals and emergency calls of yourself that oneabsolutely true and serious should take.

The ability to perceive this is often blocked in the environment by one's own fear and ambivalence. The endangered person needs the full attention of a caregiver during this period.


3. A decision has been made

Nowcalm often occurs one that liked by the environmentmisinterpreted becomes: In reality you can never know in which direction the decision has actually been made!

After all, asking questions can be helpful, and whoever is actually looking for oneDecided to go on living has can usually also be clearGive reasons for this.

Is missing upon requesta positive answerso this is rather thanAlarm sign to evaluate.

Every announcement is already thereto take seriouslyso this is even more true of any suicide attempt. “Light” suicide attempts are often followed by more. 10% of those who have ever survived a suicide act ultimately die of suicide.


4. The overall development - increasing narrowing:

Overall that isDevelopment to suicide by aincreasing narrowing marked:

If the suicide fantasies are intended first, they will arise later. Social contacts are increasingly restricted. The feeling of constriction, with no way out but death, increasingly encompasses all areas of life. Particularly noteworthy is the affective narrowing, lack of affective resonance, which acts like a calming down, but as already mentioned, rather indicates a decision.


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