How is CT in IET

Research fields


The Chair contributes to the development of novel fast and high-resolution imaging techniques for energy and process engineering applications. Objectives are reliable and precise measurements of field parameters, such as phase, component and species distributions as well as temperature fields, in technical processes and plants as well as for fundamental research on multiphase flows.


  • Development of imaging techniques with high spatial and temporal resolution to determine phase distributions, temperatures and species concentrations in multiphase flows
    • Ultrafast X-ray tomography system (ROFEX)
    • Ultrafast limited angle X-ray computed tomography
    • Fast 3D X-ray computed tomography
    • Gamma-ray computed tomography
    • Measurements with wire-mesh sensors
    • Autonomous sensor particle for parameter tracking in large vessels
    • Industrial measurement techniques in multiphase flows
  • Methods for image data analysis and data fusion for process and multiphase imaging; utilization of high-performance computing
  • Close interlink to flow and process modeling by generating validation data in generic experiments
    • Investigation of stationary and transient two-phase flows in vertical pipes (TOPFLOW) using wire-mesh sensors and ultrafast X-ray computed tomography
    • Energy efficiency of chemical multi-phase processes
    • Investigation on hydrodynamics in multi-phase processes (bubble columns, fixed-bed reactors, flotation equipment, fluidized beds)
    • Thermohydraulics and measurement equipment for nuclear reactors