How did you find your lost pet

You Found a Pet - What To Do Now

Have you found an animal and are not sure how to find the owner or what to do next? We from FINDFIX will help you - with our search card and important tips and contacts for your questions.

Look for owners in the area

Ask in the neighborhood whether the animal is known or missing there. You can also ask in shops and veterinarians in the vicinity if they have any search reports.

A cat can of course also be an outdoor cat who is on her foray through her territory and afterwards can be looked after all around at home. If the cat looks well-fed and healthy, you should, if possible, observe where it is doing its laps before you expose the cat to unnecessary stress and put it in a transport box.

Check labeling

Is the animal perhaps marked? Dogs and cats in particular are often marked with a microchip (transponder). The number of the chip can be read by the vet, the animal shelter, the police or the fire brigade with a special reader - ask there. The chip number enables a precise search. Some animals have tattoos in their ears or on the inside of their thighs. Birds are often ringed.

Report to FINDFIX

If the animal is marked, we can go FINDFIX provide you with targeted support with a precise search in our database and locate the owner. Check immediately online whether the animal is registered with us and please inform us via the online report or via our 24h service phone: +49 (0) 228-6049635. You can reach us personally around the clock, seven days a week.

Inform the police, animal shelter and lost property office

Anyone who has found an animal must inform the public order office (during the day) or the police (at night). But please also call the local animal shelter and lost property office. Leave a report there with a description of the animal and the number of the chip, tattoo or ring, if the animal is identified. The rightful owners of the animal could ask there.
If the animal is injured, you should report it to the authorities together with the veterinarian. Otherwise you may be asked to pay the treatment costs.

Distribute found reports

You can hang up notes and posters with your found report in the area*. Describe the animal and state its breed and sex. Ideally, you should add a photo of the found animal to the poster.

*NOTE: Please inquire in your city or municipality about the law applicable in public and non-public street space to hang up and distribute search or information posters.



Please fill out the form carefully, because the more information you provide, the greater the likelihood that we can trace the rightful owner of the animal.