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The Adelie penguin Our wildlife. Harry, the little woodworm Read and tell. Big Win Puzzles & More! 4/2014 ISSN


1 4/2014 ISSN year 9 priceless The Adelie penguin Our animal world Harry, the little woodworm Read and tell Great prizes Puzzles & more!


3 Musical tip Grandiose: Ogre-overwhelming premiere! Evening to bring. Janine Kunze was among the guests. The Comedienne is completely enthusiastic after the performance: I have been a Shrek fan from the start and I am totally enthusiastic about the musical. It's staged incredibly well and a must for everyone! Moderator colleague Elton feels like in another world, the stage design is simply terrific !. And the Düsseldorf-born Tanja Szewczenko raves about the unique princess and who wants to experience the musical in Düsseldorf live on stage, has to hurry: In January the big Broadway show with Shrek, Esel and Fiona will move to Berlin, Munich Zurich and Vienna. SHREK The Musical in the Capitol Theater Düsseldorf Dates: October 14, 2014 to January 4, 2015 Performances: Tue Thu 6:30 p.m. Friday 7:30 p.m. Saturday 3:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Sunday 2:00 p.m. Prices: 19.90 up to 74.90 euros (plus 15% advance booking fee and 2 euros system fee per ticket) Tickets: under Enjoy & Save with the blue voucher book Shrek and his friends gave the audience in the Düsseldorf Capitol Theater a SHREKtacular evening After 1.5 years of preparation time it was Today finally happened: The Broadway success SHREK celebrated its German-language premiere in the Capitol Theater Düsseldorf to great applause. The grandiose show with elaborate choreographies, great emotions and rousing songs tore the audience out of their seats with enthusiasm on Sunday evening! More than 100 people were busy on and behind the stage to give the premiere audience in the Capitol Theater Düsseldorf an unforgettable performance by the entire ensemble: Simply fantastic !. In the new production of the Oscar-winning animation film under director Andreas Gergen, the well-known cinema characters become show stars: The globally successful production promises great emotions, cheeky sayings and an ogre-like party atmosphere! A fairytale show highlight for all age groups! Who SHREK Das Kuffer Marketing GmbH Würzburger Straße Regensburgg ONLY 9.95 euros Access it: By phone 0800 / (toll-free) In trade 3

4 Did you know that pandas are pretty clever? When the male pandas have to empty their bladders, they become real acrobats. The bears do a handstand so that they can spread their urine scent high up in a tree. This makes rivals think that they are huge and also attracts female pandas.

5 Play, paint, puzzle 5

6 Read out Harry, the little wood worm by Michael Grotefendt Knirsch, crispy, creaky - Harry gnaws leisurely through the 100-year-old oak panel. Harry is a little wood worm. He lives in a carpenter's warehouse and enjoys this life in abundance! Today is his birthday. He was 48 weeks old. If you compare that with a human age, then that would be around 48 years for humans. Every now and then Harry gets a visit from his friends. Most of them live in the forest. However, when they rave about their life in freedom, he can only smile tiredly. They tell him how exciting it is to be chased by birds and other wild animals! How edifying it is to look out of your home trunk to enjoy the rustling of the trees and the sunshine! How alive you feel when rain and cold touch you! Harry doesn't need any of that! Here in his wood store there are woods from all over the world. Fruity and exotic tasting tropical woods such as meranti, mahogany, teak and balsa wood, rosewood and bongossi among many others. Or woods from the far north such as Knotty White and Knotty Pine, which tasted tart and rustic. But also local woods - whether oak or beech, coniferous woods like Douglas fir, spruce and pine are stored here as well as very special delicacies like fruit woods and walnut, root wood or even rosewood from America or Jamaica. Harry loves his life here. He also doesn't think it's too boring here. Lately something really crazy happened to him. Just nibbling in a plate made of teak, it suddenly began to sway back and forth. It was lifted up and then taken somewhere. Harry was very excited, he had never flown before. Eventually it fell 6 down. Upon impact, he was pressed hard against the wall of his corridor. He lay there, dazed. Suddenly he heard a noise that he had only heard from afar, never as close as it was on this day. It was a deafening scream and then the bursting of wood fibers. Harry lay rigid in his corridor. All of a sudden the little woodworm was shocked to the core. Just behind him a monstrous creature ate its way through the wood, tearing everything that came in its way. Had Harry still been there it would have cut him in half. He had hardly noticed the return of his plate. Only the impact when laying down shook him again a lot. Harry was sick for days after this experience. He didn't like anything, he hardly ate holes in the wood. After all, it was enough for him. He wanted to heal himself. Weak from the low food intake, he left his plank and looked for a place to rest his medicine wood. That's what he called balsa wood. It tasted kind of medicinal, Harry thought. Should he explain this term, only terms such as tasty, digestible or inducing well-being came to mind. For a whole week he bored his way through the digestible wood. Eventually he got better. The carpenters in whose camp Harry is obviously not very fond of him. If they discover traces of him, they regularly scold and rant out loud. Harry usually doesn't mind, they'd never catch him in this huge wood store anyway. Once, however, they had sprayed all the wood in the camp with a stinking and bitter-smelling agent. For weeks Harry barely tasted a wood. Only a rosewood diet ended this condition. Today some friends will come to him again to celebrate his birthday with him. Harry reckons between 1 and 200 of them. He's still not sure whether he should lead them to the root wood or rather to the tropical wood? Maybe teak? Anyway, Harry will make the right decision. Congratulations Harry! (Author of the book Why do you hate us ?, historical novel, ISBN, 13.90 euros, paperback, 282 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm)

7 The Legend of the Poinsettia Since available on DVD, Bluray and digitally. Young Sonja is actually on the run from a group of thieves when she is looking for shelter in the king's palace. Here, however, she realizes that his daughter has disappeared in search of the poinsettia. However, his daughter, Princess Golden Hair, can only return if the poinsettia is found by Christmas. Sonja then decides to help the king find it, not knowing who she will meet there. (polyband) We are giving away 3 x DVDs 3 x paper Christmas stars 3 x coloring and handicraft books Keyword: Poinsettia puzzles at night in the museum - The mysterious tomb Movie tip from th Century Fox Night watchman Larry (Ben Stiller) and his historical friends from the museum such as Octavius (Steve Coogan), Jedidiah (Owen Wilson) and Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) have to take an adventurous trip to London to the British Museum to ensure their survival. Because the Akmenrah tablet begins to lose its magic and only the original owners - the parents of Akmenrah - know how it can be preserved. Once here, completely new historical figures come to life, so that Larry and his friends stumble from one adventure to the next. But time is of the essence, because the board is losing its power more and more. We are giving away 3 film packages, each with a plush toy and 2 cinema tickets. Keyword: At night in the museum

8 puzzles Task 1 Find five terms (nouns, verbs, adjectives) that have something to do with cold. Task 2 Name a word that contains at least three vowels. Example: Lebkuchen Exercise 3 Name three adjectives with -ig or -lich. Examples: colored, annoying Exercise 4 Which verbs are hidden in the nouns? Example: feeding feed cleaning drink Exercise 5 Listen to the following sentences and count all nouns. How many are there? The water flea is a survivor: when it scents an enemy, it grows a long tail, a helmet and spikes on its neck. In this way, the water flea changes its size and shape and can no longer be eaten as easily. Solutions in German: Exercise 1: Ice, snow, freezing, winter, refrigerator, hat, snowing in, ice cold Exercise 2: Tomato, turtle, snowman, hazelnut, letter, sleigh ride Exercise 3: Sunny, juicy, flowery, daily, friendly, warm exercise 4: clean, drink Exercise 5: There are 11 nouns Source: Duden series Join in! Parent-child learning training Solve the arithmetic ladder ... 8

9 Wildlife The Adelie penguin The Adelie penguin is the most common penguin species. It is estimated that there are up to 20 million penguins of this species. The Adelie penguin has a black head. He has white circles around his eyes, which is what makes him so distinctive. Its beak looks very short and black. But half of the beak is covered with feathers and only the tip is black and the rest of the beak is red. The wings, which have been transformed into fins, are black on the upper side and white on the underside with a dark spot at the end of the fin. Adelie penguins, with their dark face and lack of elongated head feathers, cannot be confused with any other species of penguin. The young animals have gray and later brown plumage, until after a few weeks (like that of their parents) it turns blue-black. They have a white throat and black eye ring until they are around 14 months old. The many feathers and an extra thick layer of fat protect the penguin from the cold and keep him warm. The feathers are waterproof thanks to the special oil that the penguins produce in their bodies and thus also protect the penguin underwater. The Adelie penguin reaches a size of approximately 70 centimeters. This makes him one of the medium-sized penguins. Females weigh between 3.9 and 4.7 kilograms, males weigh between 4.3 and 5.3 kilograms. The contact call of the Adelie penguin is a short bark, which is onomatopoeically described as aark. This call, which lasts about 0.3 seconds, can also be heard by Adelie penguins on the open sea. Besides the emperor penguins, it is the only penguin species to live on the Antarctic continent, mostly on or near pack ice. He has few natural enemies. The young animals are only endangered by the skuas and the adults by leopard seals. The life expectancy of a penguin is therefore around 10 years, during which it remains loyal to its breeding partner once it has been found. The Adelie penguins usually breed near the coast and build a nest out of stones. After the female has laid two eggs 2-4 days apart, she goes looking for food. Opinions differ as to whether the male hatches the two eggs alone or whether the parents take turns to brood. But when rearing, both parent penguins take care of the chicks and take turns feeding. After a few weeks the young animals come together in a so-called kindergarten to protect themselves from enemies and both parents go hunting together. The largest breeding colony is on Cape Adare, a largely ice-free headland at the northeastern end of Victoria Land in East Antarctica. Pairs, for example, breed there. Adelie penguins mainly live on small crustaceans and also eat small fish. They usually find their prey at depths between ten and forty meters, but are able to dive up to 170 meters. Around forty percent of diving time is spent in water below 12.5 meters. In the breeding colonies further north, they only look for food during the daytime during the breeding season. In the more southern breeding colonies they search for food all day. In general, Adelie penguins are very sensitive to human interference. Wherever research stations were set up, such as on Cape Royds, the western cape of Ross Island in McMurdo Sound (a bay with a coast stretching approximately 450 km along the Antarctic Victoria Land), stocks declined. They only recovered after stricter rules limited human disturbance there. By the way, the Adelie penguin is named after the wife of the polar explorer who discovered these penguins around 1840. His name was Jules Dumont d Urville and his wife's name was Adelié. 9

10 On the pens ... get set ... go 10

11 Explained How is a film made? How is a film actually made? And who is involved in it? You can actually divide the making of a film into five different phases. 1. The script To write a script, the scriptwriter must first have an idea. This also includes knowing how the story and the different characters are supposed to develop and of course the main and subplots. So he has to develop a concept for his script. In the finished script there are instructions for the actors and cameramen, for example. The script is then sent to a production company. If they accept that, the script is revised and the search for a suitable director begins. 2. Film financing In this phase, the capital required for the film is raised. This means that you have to raise the money that is needed to pay everyone involved, the costs for technology, locations, sets and everything else. One of the most expensive films was Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It is said to have cost 222 million euros and was therefore more expensive than Rapunzel - new spoiled (150 million) and Harry Potter 6 at 185 million euros. 3. Pre-production During pre-production, things like the design and production of the required sets, the casting of actors, extras and extras, and the search and selection of locations and film sets take place. The costumes and masks also have to be procured or the costume and make-up images have to be completely redesigned. The producer and the director are important for this phase. 4. The shooting The shooting is probably the most interesting part of the film production. A film project is usually accompanied by a production manager, who in this phase ensures that all processes run smoothly and, if possible, without loss of time, since delays in production also increase costs. A lot of people are usually needed for filming. You need technicians, cameramen, cable operators, sound technicians, make-up artists, the people who take care of the make-up, of course the actors and extras, those are those who do not have a speaking role and, for example, run through the picture in the background, assistants and many more. 5. Post-production In post-production, the shot film is processed. This includes the cutting of the film, the post-processing of some images as well as the setting and background of the film with music, the so-called soundtrack. This is sometimes composed specifically for the film and recorded with an orchestra. If necessary, special effects must also be added. After that, but sometimes even during the production itself, the film is advertised. So you try to make the film more palatable to people. To do this, you publish trailers and TV spots, i.e. short clips in which you can see excerpts from different scenes. The film will then start in the cinemas on the previously determined and announced date. 11

12 Featured Really snappy? If you imagine a shark, it is bound to be huge, sneaky, snappy, and cold-blooded. But sharks aren't as bad as you might think. There are roughly five hundred different species of shark in the world, and very few have attacked humans before. Sharks can mistake people for seals on surfboards or take a test bite out of curiosity that won't kill people. Shark attacks sometimes occur, but only about five people die from sharks each year. On the other hand, one hundred and fifty people die every year from falling coconuts! Sharks are much more afraid of us than we are of them. After all, many shark species are already on the red list of threatened animal species, and that's only because humans hunt sharks. Over forty million animals are caught annually as bycatch in the trawls of fishermen. Many of these animals are simply thrown back into the sea dead because they are not needed. Others have their dorsal fins cut off, which are considered a delicacy in China, or their heads are hung up as a trophy. Sharks are cartilaginous fish, which means that instead of real bones, they have a skeleton made of cartilage. The word shark comes from the Icelandic word hai, which means hook and alludes to the hooked tail fin of the shark. The ancestors of sharks swam in our seas four hundred million years ago. Over time, they adapted perfectly to the living space.Today sharks come in all sizes and many colors. The smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark, which measures only six to eight centimeters; the largest shark, the whale shark, can grow up to twenty meters long. This shark, which can weigh up to twelve tons, only feeds on plankton (small, floating marine animals and algae). Most other sharks, including the great white shark up to seven meters long, eat fish and larger marine animals such as octopus. These predatory sharks mostly eat sick and weak animals and thus keep the oceans in balance. Sharks are true wonders of nature ... The lateral line organ, with which the shark can perceive currents, runs from head to tail. In addition, taste buds are spread over the shark's skin; Sharks can therefore taste prey when they come into contact with the skin. Your olfactory center comprises up to two thirds of the entire brain. The shark can smell a single drop of blood and follow its trail. Sharks have a revolver bite, which means that the teeth are in several rows and constantly grow back. If a shark loses a tooth, a new one pushes in from behind. The mako shark, for example, has up to fifty-four sharp teeth. The swell shark is a member of the dogfish family and its young hatch from eggs. After ten months, the cubs of the swell shark hatch from the thick egg shell that is attached to rocks or seaweed. Almost a third of all sharks lay eggs, the others give birth to live young. 12th

13 The penguins from Madagascar movie tip from When the four penguins known from the Madagascar films are not forced to smile and wave stubbornly at the Central Park Zoo for the visitors, the militarily organized penguin group usually stays in their secret headquarters . There leader Skipper (Tom McGrath) has the authority and forges operational plans, which he works out in advance with tactician Kowalski (Chris Miller). The crazy Rico (John DiMaggio) is responsible for the equipment and the rough stuff. He can only communicate by means of squeaks and grunts, but thanks to his special ability to choke up any objects, he has bailed the group out time and again. Together with Private (Christopher Knights), the gang's sensitive baby, the four penguins are an unbeatable team. But now their skills are in demand in a special case: A high-ranking CIA animal agent (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the mysterious villain Dr. Hot on the heels of Octavius ​​Brine (John Malkovich) can the law enforcement officer count on the cooperation of the four penguins? We are giving away three fan packages with 2 x cinema vouchers, 1 x lunch box, 1 x stress ball, 1 x mobile phone sock, 1 x drinking bottle and film poster Keyword: Penguins presented Good mood and party fun in the winter wonderland The Feldbergers in Europa-Park On 03., 10. and on On December 17, 2014, the Feldbergers provide fun and a good mood in Germany's largest amusement park with a unique show program. The four seasoned Black Forests present their cult hits in the winter wonderland and really heat up the guests during the cold season. With groovy music and cool sayings, pre-Christmas entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed. On the three afternoons at 5 p.m., visitors to Europa-Park can laugh, celebrate and sing with the people of Feldberg. Hansy Vogt, Chris Laubis, Lothar Böhler and Joe Kuttruff not only create a great atmosphere with their party hits. Funny comedy interludes and a touch of variety round off the four musicians' show program. The band was founded in 1987 and can now look back on a great success story. Thanks to the perfect combination of upbeat songs and the ventriloquist art of frontman Hansy Vogt, the Feldbergers offer a unique entertainment mix for young and old. The concerts take place in the winter wonderland and are included in the entrance fee to Europa-Park. More on 13

14 Introduced Schubidua for Kita-Kids Wolfgang Hering: Two long queues - The 30 finest hands-on hits for the little ones The album Zwei Lange Schlangen, named after one of the most famous kindergarten hits by Wolfgang Hering, presents its 30 most beautiful and best-known songs for U3 children From 1992 to 2014 a varied compilation of catchy greeting, movement, dance, counting, role, finger play and sleep songs. The selection is perfect for parent-child groups and day-care centers, but also for active coexistence at home. The total running time of the CD is approx. 75 minutes and contains all the lyrics and suggestions for playing in the booklet. The 30 songs on Two Long Lines are the ideal companion for the musical, linguistic and psychomotor learning of our little ones. The album is available in stores as a CD or download. Carousel / Universal Music Family Entertainment CD (Cat.-No .:) & Download Recommended from 1 1/2 years Total running time: approx. 75 minutes CD with all lyrics and game suggestions in the booklet Price: approx. 11.99 euros We are giving away ten copies . Keyword: Wolfgang Hering Playing the guitar with Lena & Tom Completely revised and expanded edition of the textbook series for classical guitar for children aged 5-8 by Andreas Schumann. Above all, the graphics and the set of notes have been completely revised to improve clarity and structure. In addition, the pedagogical concept has been revised and new pieces have been added. About the author: Born in 1954 in Westermühlen near Itzehoe in Schleswig-Holstein, he studied guitar with Prof. Albert Aigner at the Lübeck University of Music, where he obtained the state examination for music teachers and the concert qualification diploma. His great interest in methodological concepts and didactics led to numerous editions for guitar with the publishers Bosworth Edition, Heinrichshofen-Verlag, Fritz and Vogt Verlag, Musikverlag Tonger, etc. Length: 48, 13.50 euros Publisher: Bosworth Music EAN: Wir are giving away 3 copies. Keyword: Bosworth Music Nature explorers on the move 14 How easy and inexpensive you can create meaningful nature experiences for children is shown in this beautifully illustrated manual: 50 creative hands-on activities organized according to the seasons enable a holistic and playful approach to nature. For this you need little preparation time and often only natural materials. From the homemade herbal soap to the catchy hotel and snail observation to the tipi for forest dwarfs, there is a fresh, tried and tested idea for every occasion for outdoors or indoors. Information on location, duration, age, material, procedure and educational goal as well as additional factual information and possible variants make implementation child's play. In this way you enable the children to have important experiences in nature, because only those who know nature can appreciate and protect it! 5 10 years, 120 pages 17.0 x 24.0 cm, paperback ISBN-13: Verlag an der Ruhr, 19.95 euros We are giving away four copies! Keyword: nature explorers

15 Lego Chima & Lego Friends After a short break, our heroes from LEGO CHIMA are back in a completely new look! The new adventures appeared on DVD 7 and radio play CD 10. The popular girls' clique can also be heard again: Since October we have been able to participate in their exciting life with the LEGO FRIENDS radio play CD 5. LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA Peace in the Kingdom ...? Finally peace and quiet in the Kingdom of Chima or so it seems! Our heroes Laval, Cragger and all their friends can enjoy life in their kingdom. But just when everything seems so peaceful, a new danger suddenly arises that nobody had expected: dangerous Ice Age animals appear out of nowhere in the middle of Chima! But how did that happen? The stolen chi brought them back to life in the deep caves of the reptiles and now they want to turn the whole country into an ice desert and seize power! The friends are now trying everything to stop the dangerous hunters of the Ice Age together, but will they succeed? LEGO FRIENDS Will you stay friends ...? There's something to celebrate in Heartlake City! The city is 200 years old and to mark the great celebration there is a competition for the best float for the upcoming parade. It goes without saying that our friends Mia, Stephanie, Emma, ​​Andrea and Olivia want to win! And Emma already has a great idea, but nobody really listens to her. Stephanie in particular seems to be all about beating her archenemy Tania! Tania sees Emma's draft and persuades her to join her team. Of course, the girls believe that Emma is betraying everyone - a big fight breaks out. But what is Tanja's role in it? Is she really that excited about Emma's design or is she just trying to wipe out Stephanie? Presented Then both teams need help and Emma has to decide ... Exclusively at Universum Kids We're giving away 2 x LEGO CHIMA DVD 7 2 x LEGO CHIMA CD 10 Keyword: Lego Chima 2x LEGO FRIENDS CD 5 1 x Heartlake High kit Keyword: Lego Friends 15th

16 Knowledge The magic water glass & the lazy coin You need a glass with water and a postcard for this experiment. You fill your glass with water until it is really full. Make sure the edge is also moistened. Then place the postcard on the glass and quickly turn it over. Then take your hand away. You will see that the water stays in the glass. The air presses against your postcard from below with great pressure and so it stays on your glass. But if you move the postcard around a corner, air will rush into your glass and the water will run out. (This experiment is best tried over the sink or outdoors.) To find out how lazy a coin can be, you need a glass, a playing card, and a coin. Know that all bodies are lazy. When we speak of lazy here, we actually mean laziness. Isaac Netwon found this out. Your body is sluggish, which is why it tips backwards, for example, when you stand in a bus and it pulls away. Your coin is also sluggish! Give it a try and put the playing card with the coin on the glass. If you now snap vigorously at the playing card or pull it away with a jerk, the coin will fall into your glass without you having touched it. The coin takes more time to move than the card. That's why the card is long gone when the coin notices that something is wrong here. 16

17 Introduced The hit series is finally back: LEGO NINJAGO A new start in the Ninjago world: After the thrilling end of last season, you can finally find out how our brave ninja will continue. The latest season 3 is now widely available in stores on DVD and for listening to on CDs 10, 11 and 12. An eternity has passed since the Golden Ninja defeated Ultra Evil. Ninjago, which was almost completely destroyed in the great battle, has been rebuilt and has now grown into a center for great, technical inventions. But when the boss of the company Borg Industrie entrusts the ninja with valuable, golden techno blades and asks them to protect the blades with their lives, suddenly malicious nindroids are after the friends and the robots of Ninjago City are also very aggressive. But it doesn't take long before Lloyd, Cole, Jay, Zane, Kai and Nya realize what dangerous opponent they are facing. (Universum Kids) We are giving away 2 x CD 10, CD 11, CD 12 each. Keyword: Ninjago NIKLAAS - A boy from Flanders The complete DVD box with all 52 episodes available in stores! Full of joy and with his dog Patrash, who is always at his side, Niklaas masters every situation in life because it is not always easy for the little boy From one sequence to the next Niklaas tells a boy from Flanders in a loving way the dramatic story of a little boy, who not only experiences happy moments in his life. As a result, the series impresses with a very special sensitivity to the topics of warmth, courage and morality. First broadcast in 1975, Niklaas a Boy from Flanders is one of the great cult series of this time. From the production forge of the Japanese cartoon studio Nippon Animation, in addition to Niklaas, other anime classics such as Maya the Bee, Wickie and the strong men and Heidi were created in the World Masterpiece Theater series. (Studio 100) We're giving away three copies! Keyword: Niklaas Peter Hase on DVD DVD 1 & 2 with the first 14 episodes The home of little Peter Hase is in an idyllic wooded area in the middle of the English Lake District. Together with his friends and constant companions Benjamin Rabbit and Lotta Weißfell, he experiences a lot of exciting adventures here. Peter is a brave, clever, little rabbit whose greatest wish is to grow up as quickly as possible so that he can follow in his father's footsteps. Because he was the best and greatest rabbit far and wide, as Peter thinks. Together with his friends Benjamin and Lotta, he experiences a lot of adventures in the forest. Peter always has his father's manual in his pocket. It contains everything you need to become a good rabbit (Universum Kids). We are giving away 2 x DVD with a plush rabbit each from Vivid.de. Keyword: Peter Rabbit

In this book, in a flexible cover format suitable for workshops, 100% homemade gifts - explained step by step from the brainstorming to the packaging: super soap bubble sets, chocolate crispy mounds, flowerpot heads, audio books. .. Basic knowledge from setting up the workplace to sewing decorative stitches is just as much a part of it as a gift idea finder and many tips for guaranteed individual gifts, plus an extra chapter on packaging for beginners. It couldn't be more creative! So giving gifts is already fun while doing handicrafts. And there are lots of funny pixie illustrations for the craft breaks! Creative, quickly made and really well explained, 144 pages, from 8 years paperback, richly illustrated, 19.95 euros ISBN We are giving away 7 copies! Keyword: tinkering gifts Christmas is when the Beuto arrives. The baguette, the one and only true gift sack from Santa Claus, warms and enchants all hearts, big and small, every year anew. This year, three imaginative Christmas adventures with the KiKA darling will be released on DVD for the first time. In addition, the radio play about Beutolomäus comes to Santa Claus was released, in which the birth of Beutolomäus can be relived. The three magically exciting KiKA Christmas films, Beutolomäus and the false suspicion, Beutolomäus and the secret Christmas wish and Beutolomäus and the miracle flute, enchant young and old alike. All three stories will be broadcast again on KiKA for the holidays and offer festive television enjoyment. The three KiKA feature films each offer a good hour of pre-Christmas excitement and are calculated family-friendly at around 9.99 euros each. As a bonus, each DVD includes a photo gallery. Carousel / Universal Music Family Entertainment (We are giving away three DVDs and two radio plays! Keyword: Beutolomäus discovering English - the kindergarten gang Two stories from the kindergarten gang: Sarah from England, Tobias, Leonie and Noah have to find an escaped frog and pass a jungle rally. Discover English with fun - this is supported by the age-appropriate share of English (10%) 18 in the bilingual concept. Children from 4 years, 48 ​​pages ISBN: pages, hardcover, 10.00 euros book with audio CD and free downloads, Langenscheidt Langenscheidt Elementary School Dictionary German For school and at home: The monolingual dictionary in German - also for children / pupils whose mother tongue is not German. Around words are explained simply and in full sentences. With many illustrations and 19 themed pages with games for the Ting pen. For Primary school children ISBN: pages, hardcover, 14.99 euros With games for the Ting pen We are giving away five copies each plare! Keyword: Langenscheidt

19 Watch out, ghost hunters! Alert, ghosts in the house! Ben has discovered a real niche in the market: He's going to be a ghost hunter! Just stupid there are no ghosts. Even in the old villa - a real horror box - you don't want to know anything about ghosts. Total nil! And the woman who opens the door for him sends him to play with her daughter Josefine. It couldn't be more embarrassing. But Josefine is happy and shows Ben the house - and suddenly they are standing in front of the steep steps that lead to the attic. There is white fog wafting down the stairs ... There are no ghosts? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! What is in store for them is a real danger of ghosts ... With illustrations by Bianca Schaalburg, hardcover, 176 pages, from 8, ISBN, 95 euros, dtv We are giving away three copies! Keyword: Ghost hunters winter time in the ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen See the lion's white breath cloud only separated by a pane of glass, hear the playful sea lions splash around in the water and enjoy the fresh green in the ELE tropical paradise at pleasant temperatures. This is also possible in winter in the ZOOM Erlebniswelt. From November to the end of February, visitors go on an expedition through the natural habitats of the adventure worlds of Alaska, Asia and parts of Africa on a route that is adapted to the season and the weather. If the weather conditions are good, the circular route is extended through the Africa adventure world. Many animals are still active or only really perk up in the cold season. Mighty polar bears, majestically striding tigers and the lively raccoons really come to life in autumn and winter.But not all animals in Africa can tolerate the sometimes frosty climate of our latitudes and therefore prefer to spend the days in a heated stables. The imposing lions and long-legged giraffes, on the other hand, show themselves to curious visitors even at low temperatures. In the warm jungle hall, hippos swim their laps and the chimpanzees play between the tree trunks. In the ELE tropical paradise, the two youngest orangutans like to present themselves directly at the visitor window. Flying foxes whiz through the air in the RYOKAN gastronomy within sight of the resting adventurers and next door the little visitors romp around in the adventure playground Drachenland. We are giving away 2 family cards as well as a consumption voucher worth 20 euros per family for the ZOOM world of experience. Keyword: Zoom Why! All year round ... Children's questions & answers all year round We all know that children have 1000 questions every day, but do we also have the answers? The parent magazine Why! gives parents these answers four times a year - varied and informative, with craft and game ideas as well as recipes to match the season. Diverse and precise, at the same time compact and manageable, sorted by seasons and equipped with a helpful index, this book is an important family companion all year round. A fund for parents and children that inspires them to discover nature together. Thorsten Höge (editor) Why! - Children's questions and answers all year round From 4 years of age 208 pages, hardcover, hardback 16.90 euros, ISBN Carlsen Verlag We are giving away eight copies! Keyword: Children's issues 19

20 My Friend the Dolphin It has been a few years since young Sawyer Nelson and the dedicated team at Clearwater Marine Hospital led by Dr. Clay Haskett saved Winter. That only succeeded at the time because Dr. Cameron McCarthy developed a novel prosthetic tail for the injured dolphin; but the fight is not yet won. Winter's surrogate mother, the very old female dolphin Panama, dies and is the only mate that Winter has ever had. This is a problem in more than one respect, because the agricultural authority stipulates that dolphins must always be kept together with other conspecifics due to their social behavior. The zebra FRIDOLIN lives in fairyland, where all animals can speak and read. Zebras have beautiful black and white striped fur. While swimming in the forest lake, he takes off his suit and leaves it on the bank. Then the suit is stolen from him! And so sen. So if the Clearwater team doesn't find a companion for winter quickly, she'll be moved to another aquarium. With MY FRIEND, THE DOLPHIN 2, Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment continue the story of the brave female dolphin, Winter, who was miraculously saved. Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH will bring the film to German cinemas on October 9, 2014. 3 x children's T-shirts for the film 3 x towels Keyword: My friend the zebra FRIDOLIN he bravely sets off on his way. He wants his suit back. Illustrations by Christine Berghausen ISBN paperback 8.90 euros 72 pages with colored drawings Iris Kater Literaturverlag

21 Holiday tip on the farm DUPLO farm opens on October 14, 2014 in the LEGO LAND Discovery Center Berlin From October 14, 2014, little LEGO fans between the ages of 1.5 and 5 will find a new, whole place in the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Berlin A play area tailored to your needs - the DUPLO farm. On an area of ​​more than 30m², the little visitors can playfully explore life on a farm. There is a multi-storey farmhouse with a granary and a rapid slide, a cowshed, a view of wide fields and, as befits a real farm, animals, of course. The LEGO cow and dog are happy to be petted by the children, answer in funny animal language and teach the little ones which noises which animal makes. Anja Nitsch, General Manager LEGO LAND Discovery Center Berlin: We are delighted that with the DUPLO farm we can now also offer our youngest guests a great play area in which they can discover and develop their skills in a playful and fun way. With our other 14 play areas, the visit is also a great experience for families with younger and older children. On the DUPLO farm the children can of course build with a large selection of colorful LEGO DUPLO bricks. LEGO DUPLO are twice the size of LEGO system bricks and are therefore ideal for small children's hands. They are fully compatible with all LEGO bricks and there are no limits to the creativity of the young builders. For Berliners and Brandenburgers, the Legoland Discovery Center Berlin offers parents and toddlers on weekdays. It applies to 1 adult plus 1 child (3-6 years) from Mon-Fri in the time from o'clock. The accompanying person receives a free coffee. Everything together can be booked online for only 12 euros: Learn online, with children who love games, especially on the computer! Learning, on the other hand, is less popular among primary school students. Educational games are the ideal solution because they can combine both. Learning for school is not neglected and is actually really fun thanks to the connection with play. At elementary school students, divided into grade levels, you will find multimedia exercises and tasks for the three main subjects German, mathematics and English. There is immediate recognition for solved tasks. Collecting stars and crowns motivates you to keep going. Even shy students playfully overcome their inhibitions. In addition, by solving the tasks, the children earn time for a playtime account. This playing time can then be used for child-friendly mind and puzzle games. The learning vampire Freddy helps children in the first two grades who have little or no reading skills by reading the tasks aloud thanks to the integrated voice output. Schoolchildren delve into exactly what they have learned in class. The tasks are based on the current curricula of the federal states in the elementary school area. The implementation of the subject matter in interactive exercises enables the individual deepening of the school lessons. The pace of learning is determined by the child. This means there is no stress or pressure to perform and the tasks can be repeated as often as desired. Tivola is giving away an annual subscription worth 95.88 euros. Keyword: lernerstieg.de

22 Have fun ... paint with sugar chalk! Do you know what sugar chalk is? No, not for eating! With this chalk your pictures will shine a lot more. Especially now in autumn you can use it to paint great colorful pictures. For sugar chalk you need colored blackboard chalk, a cup per color, sugar, a teaspoon, cardboard, paper, hairspray, and an apron. Fill a cup with water and add two teaspoons of sugar. Then stir the sugar until it has dissolved. Now break off two pieces of one of your chalk sticks and place them in the sugar water for a few minutes. When they sink to the ground, bubbling, they're done. You can now paint with this damp chalk and if you want your picture to last a particularly long time, then spray it with hairspray when it has dried. 22nd

23 riddles 23

24 Participate 24

25 The smart watch for children News from the successful Kiditronics series from VTech: The Kidizoom Smart Watch the smart watch for children After the children's tablet and children's camera, VTech now offers the first smart watch for children: on the go on an excursion or to Visiting a friend, the Kidizoom Smart Watch not only shows when it's time to go back home. Always ready on the wrist for snapping and filming, children can also use the watch to spontaneously take photos and videos of their friends and edit them with effects. The voice distortion function makes people laugh, the clock records spoken sentences, which children can then play back with funny distortion effects. On the drive home from a game afternoon with friends, three games provide entertainment. The integrated alarm clock ensures that children wake up punctually the next day. We're giving away a purple smart watch! Keyword: Smart Watch Little Love from VTech Feeding, reading aloud, speaking practice with Little Love Lara learns to speak Little Love Lara learns to speak is the new playmate from VTech that children can lovingly care for. The special thing about Lara: It develops in three stages. The older Lara gets, the more clearly she learns to speak. Singing, drinking a bottle, playing games or listening to a bedtime story: Lara likes to be pampered by future mothers. I read with you, mom! Lara asks children to read stories from her three books and can repeat spoken sentences. Doll's pram The Little Love 3-in-1 magical doll's pram accompanies children and their Lara doll throughout the day and can be transformed in no time: Lara goes shopping in the doll's pram, and when she returns home, she is served lunch in her high chair and then takes her afternoon nap in bed. We're giving away Little Love - Lara with a doll's pram. Keyword: VTech presented Under the spell of gripping Melody finds a strange egg in an ancient stone circle. From it hatches a griffin half lion, half eagle. In his mind he can talk to Melody. But the magical friendship between the girl and the griffin is threatened. Successful author Michael Peinkofer creates a magical connection between the otherworld and our present in Gryphony. Under the spell of gripping is a fantastic adventure about a special friendship, the magic of which is reflected in Helge Vogt's cover illustration. The trilogy for children aged 11 and over is published by Ravensburger. Gryphony 1: Under the spell of gripping Michael Peinkofer Illustrated by Helge Vogt 224 pages 11 years and over ISBN Euro 14.99 Ravensburger Verlag We're giving away six copies! Keyword: Gryphon 25

26 Introduced Good Night Audiobook - For Nice Dreams What a night! Where does all the noise come from? Mia finds out and experiences a lot of comforting surprises in the process. This radio play about a girl who bravely overcomes her fear and knows how to help herself is lovingly narrated by the actress Marianne Sägebrecht. Other short stories, poems and songs bring the day to an end imaginatively and gently accompany the young listeners into the land of wonderful dreams! uccello - good to hear Contributors: Wunderwerk Chiemsee, Marianne Sägebrecht, Suzanne von Borsody, Martin Baltscheit, Erwin Grosche, and many more. approx. 43 minutes - but then you sleep! ISBN: from 5 years We are giving away ten copies. Keyword: Good night My first book about the animals My first book from The new titles in the popular My First Book series are just right for small children's hands and attentive, curious eyes. With their clear, no-frills design, their striking design and the fresh, cheerful colors, the cardboard picture books clearly show the most important items in the respective subject area. The little readers from 18 months can playfully train their motor skills and expand their vocabulary. Crafting fun with animal stencils My first book about animals On every double page the child can discover and name animals. With large sliders and a turntable, some of the animals can also be brought to life or taken out of hiding places. So z. B. the dolphin through the waves. And which animal loves honey? In this way, children playfully expand their vocabulary. 9.99 euros, ArsEdition ISBN: We are giving away 15 copies. Keyword: ArsEdition 26 A magic wand, sparkling fireflies or a funny spider lollipop - this book is a real little art workshop! With the 15 integrated sturdy stencils, children can not only paint bugs and insects, but also make great things. Because the stencils also form the starting point for 20 magical and easy-to-implement projects. The highlight of this special book: The stencils each form a set of three nested into one another. This is how "tidying up" becomes puzzle fun! 14 pages, fully illustrated in color, cardboard picture book with 15 removable templates, Ages 4 and up, Auf der Wiese ISBN, 9.95 Euro Dorling Kindersley Funny hanging monkeys, a motley snake picture and a crocodile picture frame - this book is a real little art workshop! With the 15 integrated sturdy stencils, children can not only paint wild animals, but also make great things. Because the stencils also form the starting point for 20 magical and easy-to-implement projects. D14 pages, fully illustrated in color Cardboard picture book with 15 removable templates, From 2 years, Wilde Tiere ISBM, 9.95 euros We are giving away five copies each! Keyword: small artists

27 The World of Smurfs Vol. 5: Halloween in Schlumpfhausen After the successful start of the first volume of "The World of Smurfs" with stories about Gargamel, Studio Peyo campaigned for its own series of exquisite short stories. These volumes will be published for the first time in German albums by toonfish in the »World of Smurfs« series. The new team at Studio Peyo has more than convinced the fans both in terms of content and drawing. The fifth volume is all about Halloween. So look forward to the brand new laughs in "The World of the Smurfs" Volume 5. 12.95 euros, ISBN We're giving away six copies! Keyword: Smurfs The new dinosaur design from Lässig The dinosaur design can be found in the current children's bag collection and really cuts a fine figure. Whether backpack, travel trolley or toilet bag, the fresh color combinations and the child-friendly design are well received. The bags in the line are made of hard-wearing materials and have a reflector on the front so that you can always be seen on the way to kindergarten or on the way home. We are giving away 2 x 4Kids Dino Slate Set each consisting of 1 x LMTR1118 trolley 1 x LMBP1118 mini backpack 1 x LMWB1118 mini washbag Keyword: Casual look LOU - new for the children's room New for the children's room: LOU - lamp & night light in one. Creative, practical, stylish: This is LOU, the new children's room lamp from the Dutch company ZAZU. It is tailored precisely to the needs of children, because it is a decorative lamp and a soft night light in one. Particularly clever: the ring shines brighter than the owl and can serve as pleasant general lighting. The owl, on the other hand, gives just enough light to drive away the darkness and is therefore the ideal night light. The brightness of the two lights can be adjusted independently of each other. In addition, each of the light sources has its own automatic switch-off function: the light in the ring switches itself off after 30 or 60 minutes. If the child starts to cry at night, the owl switches itself on for five minutes at a time. LOU is equipped with a USB mini adapter, but can also be operated with batteries (3 x AA, not included). The lamp is optionally available with a light gray, pink or blue owl; the ring is always white. Available from December We are giving away two copies! Keyword: Lou 27