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Novels by Klaus-Peter Wolf in the right order

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Update: On June 1, 2021, “Rupert undercover 2” will be released.

About the author Klaus-Peter Wolf:

His life is like a ride on a roller coaster. Before Klaus-Peter Wolf became one of the most famous German writers, he had to deal with numerous ups and downs. He was born on January 12, 1954 in the Ruhr area. Very early on it became apparent that he possessed enormous creativity and that he was able to express it wonderfully in words. So he began to put his first stories on paper at the age of eight. Actually, even then he should have had a certain premonition of where his path would lead him one day. But first he did his community service. A little later, the first publications followed, for which he was even awarded. He gained experience with criminal adolescents, which he was then able to process in a novel. Again and again he was also politically active.

The books by Klaus-Peter Wolf:

Klaus-Peter Wolf feels at home in Northern Germany. That's where he lives and that's where most of his novels are based. He is considered the father of the Ostfriesen crime thrillers, many of which were filmed and broadcast on ZDF. A certain predilection for detective novels can be clearly seen in this author. The author stormed the bestseller lists with his Ostfriesenkrimis and was able to inspire countless readers for his work.

This is not least due to the fact that Klaus-Peter Wolf gives his main protagonist strong autobiographical traits. This makes it look particularly authentic and taken from the center of life. In addition, there is a knack for clever constructs that make it difficult for the reader to guess the course of his stories.

As a respected crime writer, he is a master of suspense and ensures that hardly any reader willingly put his books down. He likes to choose difficult, sometimes explosive topics in order to draw attention to different situations. He has already written about trafficking in women and human beings and about the deportation of Kurdish asylum seekers. Although Klaus-Peter Wolf has greatly reduced his political commitment in public, he uses the power of words to make himself heard. His readers get to know the writer a little better with each of his books.

Anyone who has not yet read a novel by him has certainly seen a crime scene or a police call 110 on television by him. Numerous scripts are also from his pen. This author has already received several awards for his successful work. In addition to numerous other prizes, Klaus-Peter Wolf received the Anne Frank Prize in 1985, the Erich Kästner TV Prize in 1996, the Golden Spatz, the Shanghai Magnolia Award in 1998, the Krimi-Blitz in 2010 and the Saarland Crime Prize "Hombuch" in 2019.

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Ann Kathrin Klaasen series in the correct order:

  1. Ostfriesenkiller (2007) »order
  2. Ostfriesenblut (2008) »order
  3. Ostfriesengrab (2009) »order
  4. Ostfriesensünde (2010) »order
  5. Ostfriesenfalle (2011) »order
  6. Ostfriesenangst (2012) »order
  7. Ostfriesenmoor (2013) »order
  8. Ostfriesenfeuer (2014) »order
  9. Ostfriesenwut (2015) »order
  10. Ostfriesenschwur (2016) »order
  11. Ostfriesentod (2017) »order
  12. Ostfriesenfluch (2018) »order
  13. Ostfriesennacht (2019) »order
  14. Ostfriesenhölle (2020) »order
  15. Ostfriesenzorn (2021) »order

Rupert series in the correct order:

  1. Rupert undercover - Ostfriesische Mission (2020) »order
  2. East Frisian Hunt (2021) »order

Short thrillers with "Rupert":

  • Ostfriesenfete. Rupert and the Loser Party on Langeoog »order
  • East Frisian melody: Rupert and the annoying mother-in-law. " to order

Dr. Sommerfeldt series in the correct order:

  1. Totenstille im Watt (2017) »order
  2. Dance of Death on the Beach (2018) »order
  3. Death game in the harbor (2019) »order

Vera Bilewski series in the correct order:

  1. Saturdays when there is war (1994) »order
  2. The gene of evil (1995) »order

More thrillers by Klaus-Peter Wolf:

Other books by Klaus-Peter Wolf: