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Former NSA chief Keith Alexander has joined Amazon’s board of directors (Verge)
Anyone who can still remember Edward Snowden should listen carefully to the name Keith Alexander. The former head of the NSA had sharply criticized the Snowden revelations and suggested, among other things, that journalists should not report on the secret papers. Now an entry with the US stock exchange regulator shows that the ex-secret service agent sits on the supervisory board of the data company Amazon. The Seattle-based company should expect expertise and good connections to the US military, where orders worth billions are waiting.

TikTok tries to remove widely shared suicide clip (BBC)
The video of a man killing himself in front of the camera has been circulating on TikTok since Sunday - and the social media platform fails to delete the material. The original video was originally shown in a live stream on Facebook and, according to the company, was removed on the same day. Copies were also circulated on Twitter and Instagram, but mainly on TikTok users use the extensive editing options to hide the scenes behind inconspicuous cat pictures. Parents report to the media about traumatized teenagers who unexpectedly saw the pictures in their feed and have not been able to get them out of their heads since then and keep re-uploading them. The case raises questions such as: Why does the platform with the youngest users and the allegedly most advanced algorithms not get the turn to block a video clip permanently? It's not that TikTok was massively surprised by the problem. Because the case is also reminiscent of TikTok's earlier failure in handling suicide videos, which The Intercept reported.

The social dilemma (Netflix)
The new Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" clearly explains why TikTok's algorithms are possibly more optimized for screen time and less for suicide removal. Director Jeff Orlowski has put all the ethics big shots from Silicon Valley in front of the camera - from Tristan Harris to Shoshanna Zuboff - and lets them unravel the business model of surveillance capitalism in a really striking way. This is not necessarily new, but coupled with a fictional family story and the Mad Man actor Vincent Kartheiser ("Pete Campbell") in the role of "The Algorithm" told so low-threshold that pretty much everyone should be clear afterwards why little red notification bubble on her smartphone was not invented to her advantage. Make yourself some popcorn.

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