What is content and article writing

5 tips for great blog articles

Blogs are ideal for posting new content on your website. First, search engines remember that you are keeping your website up to date. Second, you show customers and business partners that you are an expert in your field.

In our blog The 7 Cs in Internet Marketing, we learned how useful blogs are for Internet marketing. And not that: Over time, a fund of good contributions builds up that you can use for other sales support measures.

The objection often arises in discussions with our customers. What should we write there? Think about what your customers explain or what is often asked for in your industry. Or summarize useful tips from your professional experience.

Depending on your industry, they are suitable for Blog article Tips for the care of your products, criteria for choosing a suitable model or services, checklists or recommendations for the purchase decision. This can also be infographics with a text. Or you can impart basic knowledge - in your own words, of course.

In B2B, experts explain contexts, processes and give useful tips in blog articles. This includes user and test reports, practical tips, comparisons of technologies or different solutions, functional principles, background knowledge of technologies, processes, standards or norms.

When writing a blog article, keep the following in mind:

1. Concentrate on one topic!

Do not open multiple construction sites. It is smarter to write a new blog article and to combine blog articles that are thematically related with links. The benefit: The blog article remains clear. Another blog article is automatically taken into account.

2. Formulate simple sentences!

Explain clearly and using examples. Build your text logically. Avoid minor matters that distract the reader. Don't forget to check your spell!

3. Pick up the readers!

Headline and teaser decide whether a text is read. Write in a teaser with a maximum of 2 sentences in which the reader learns what he learns in the article. Texts on the Internet are often only skimmed over. Therefore: Use highlighting and numbering in the article to guide the reader. Interrupt text passages after approx. 5 lines with paragraphs and insert subheadings after approx. 3 paragraphs, through which the reader can return to the text.

4. You have to be found on the Internet!

A blog article that is found well is particularly valuable. Focus on the key terms under which you want the post to be found on the internet. (More on this in another blog).

5. Use the power of pictures!

Often a picture decides whether someone reads the post at all. The teaser picture or the lead story are the eye-catchers. Depending on the topic of the blog article, pictures and graphics illustrate the content and message of the article.

Multiply your blog posts!

When the blog article is ready, multiply it. Post your blog articles on your social networks too. Maybe your company has a newsletter. Then put it in there. Good blog articles can also be published in printed media such as information sheets, brochures or customer magazines.