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VW ID.3 - First Edition
The electric future of VW

In the past VW wrote automotive history with the Beetle, the actual Volkswagen, and with the Golf, the future is ID.3 and MEB platform, and the intention is probably the same! The ID.3 stands for "Electric for all" and is intended to embody the benchmark in the area of ​​e-mobility! We got one of the first models delivered, the 1st Edition, from Porsche Klagenfurt, and subjected the ID.3 to a detailed test!

And one thing in advance, we test without prejudice, without getting lost in philosophical questions about the meaning of e-mobility, and test the ID.3 for driving dynamics, emotion and practicality!

And right from the first contact I immediately notice two points. The ID.3 has a relatively long wheelbase with little overhang, and thus has the dimensions of a VW Golf 8 on the outside and the space available for higher-class vehicles on the inside, especially on the back seat you can now enjoy the freedom of the legs as otherwise only in larger sedans! And the second would be the design, it is always a matter of taste, but with the ID.3 the designers have visibly gone to great lengths and given e-mobility a high degree of dynamism and sportiness, which is not always the case with the competition!

So in, and so that we can subject the ID.3 to a proper practical test, we drive into the mountains, consumption and recuperation and so on! And the first contact in the cockpit is also pleasing, you finally have a decent steering wheel in your hand again, the rest is very reduced and tidy. It should also be the future, so you will look in vain for switches and buttons, everything is controlled by means of a touchpad and sensitive surfaces! All relevant data, air conditioning and ventilation, media, navigation, driver assistance systems and other players can be controlled very intuitively via the infotainment screen, which is not too big and also not intrusive, which is placed in the middle and is very well integrated into the overall concept! Perhaps I would have made it pivotable and could have brought it a little further to me for an even more ergonomic input - whining at a very high level, so to speak!

The small screen, directly behind the steering wheel, then provides all the driving-relevant data, and here, too, they practiced reduction, which, in my opinion, gave the overall appearance more of an upgrade!

So far so good, but of course I am most interested in the driving dynamics, in the direction of Dobratsch! In cruising fashion everything fits, the wind noise is surprisingly and pleasantly low. In general, the e-drive seduces me, as has already been written several times, more to cruising, the stress level drops a little, so all in all, relaxed driving!

When I arrive at the toll station, I'm already looking forward to the curves up to Rosstratten, the range is 93km, so no problem, there are two charging stations in the nature park!

And after the first bends I just say - rear-wheel drive !! And yes, the drive motor is at the back, and this has several advantages. Better driving dynamics, significantly better traction out of the corners and thus quite simply more driving fun, and where does it say that electric cars shouldn't be fun? And the ID.3 is fun, thanks to the 200PS and 310Nm torque from the permanently rotating electric motor, the very dynamic and sporty chassis, as well as the rear-wheel drive! The steering is designed to be relatively direct, it also gives good feedback to the front axle, which also follows the steering commands very obediently, and thus contributes to a sporty, dynamic locomotion, if wanted!

The weight of almost two tons is mostly only noticeable when braking, thanks to the dynamically designed chassis! However, if you drive with foresight, the inertia can be used and braking energy can be fed back into the battery through recuperation! There are also two driving modes, a conventional drive mode, where the vehicle continues to roll when the accelerator is released, or a brake mode, which recuperates through electric braking when the accelerator is released!

Once at the top, the range shows 12km, unfortunately both charging stations are not functional, so the ID.3 now has to prove its recuperation capabilities, and how it does me this favor! 16km downhill, almost 1200m down to Villach, and the range increases from kilometer to kilometer, at the bottom we have 63km on the speedometer, and thus no problem to make the 45km to Hundsdorf!

There I attach it to the power grid, which also takes us to charging and the typical e-mobility key figures! 100kW charging power ensures tolerable charging times of only 25-30min for a full charge and thus for a specified range of 426km with the 56kWh battery installed here in the 1st edition! The 426km range was determined according to the WLTP cycle and does not fully correlate with my driving style, but I am not surprised either! With 20.6kWh / 100km I would be able to do almost 300km, with a little adjustment to the driving it would be 350km, which would be enough for most purposes!

So in the end my personal conclusion:
With the ID.3, VW has again managed to set the bar very high for the competition. If you had to wait a little for the market launch of the ID.3, it already more than lives up to most expectations as the First Edition! Dynamic, sporty, with a very casual space offer and the ravages of time, it has surprised me a lot, and you can look forward to the updates that are already known with excitement!

If you are thinking of buying an e-vehicle, you will not be able to avoid the ID.3, so I really recommend everyone to take a closer look at the electric future of VW!

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