What is credit card transfer

This is also possible: Transfer with the credit card

Perhaps you know it yourself or your partner. During a shopping marathon or an expensive dinner, the motto is: close your eyes, accept your credit card.

But you can also make the transfer by credit card - we will inform you when this option is available and how you can use it.

Transfer by credit card - not possible with all providers

Are you going on vacation and still need to make transfers? Then you can safely leave the TAN generator at home. The alternative is to transfer with the credit card, which is in most cases in the luggage anyway.

For example, if you have a Visa card, you can use this to transfer the money. If your credit card provider allows you to transfer money by credit card, you will usually receive special software from them.

You have to install this on your computer and then log in with your user ID and password. In order to transfer by credit card, however, you need a code in advance. This is supposed to increase security.

This will be sent to you by SMS. Only with this code can you start the transfer with the credit card and enter the recipient data into the input mask.

Transfer by credit card - similar to online banking

The process is very similar to online banking, except that you are working with special software on your computer and that the transfer amount is not debited from your bank account but from your credit card.

Transferring by credit card can be advantageous for you if you are short of cash in a month, but the transfer amount is still due. Because the credit card billing usually only takes place at the end of the month. So you create a buffer to cover the liquidity gap.

Important: Always check how many fees there are

If you use this alternative to transfer money by credit card in an emergency or because of liquidity bottlenecks, you should definitely ask about fees. Possible costs for the software and its use could also arise. Banks rarely offer services for which they cannot be remunerated.

So get an overview of the costs that could arise from transferring with the credit card. If fees for setting up the software and bank transfer by credit card reduce the amount enormously, you should definitely reconsider this option.

Our conclusion: Transferring by credit card can be an alternative for you if you have liquidity problems. But question the offer of the credit card company.

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