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Legal translations


you are Entrepreneur, have been negotiating with your US business partners for months and now want to translate the jointly negotiated contract, but English is not your mother tongue? You have inherited a house in Spain and now need one to issue the certificate of inheritance in Germany certified translation of the Spanish land register extract? you are Lawyer in an international proceeding and would prefer to use your resources for writing the pleading rather than for one Courtesy Translation to use in English? Or you are party in one international arbitration and have to submit all documents in English - possibly also certified later? Then you are exactly right WITH US!

Different needs - different solutions

The challenges and needs in the field of legal translations are diverse and demanding flexible solutions. This work always moves in the area of ​​tension between speed, price and quality. Of course, every translation should be perfect. Of course, every translation should be done by a native speaker. But sometimes that might not be as important as having a translation at all.

We focus on you and your needs!

We can also offer certified translations and provide you with court interpreters and liaison interpreters with the necessary legal expertise.

You are interested in the subject of translations or international legal transactions. Here you can find our blog with interesting background information.

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  • More than 1,000,000 words translated speak for themselves in the field of law
  • All translators for legal texts in Germany are also authorized to translate documents
  • E-mail certificate available for encrypted sending

Here is one Selection of successfully completed projects:

  • 43 pages Sale and Transfer Agreement (Share Deal) English - German
  • 36 pages contract for the purchase of limited partner shares German - English
  • 21 pages real estate purchase agreement Spanish - German with certification
  • 14 pages living will German - English
  • 44 pages Share Purchase and Transfer Agreement English - German
  • 17 pages of articles of association German - English
  • 69 pages of reasons for appeal in administrative court proceedings German - English
  • Judgment of a state constitutional court German - English
  • Court judgment in a criminal case for manslaughter German - English with certification

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