Make egg yolks a good fertilizer

| The best egg home remedies

Eggs are not only good for eating - Grandma used them in the household and as a beauty product.

For soft hair: Whisk 2–4 eggs (depending on hair length), add a dash of lemon juice. Into wet hair, rinse off after 20 minutes

Nice skin: Brush the face with fresh egg white, leave to dry for 10 minutes, leaving no wrinkles. Rinse with lukewarm water

As fertilizer: Put eggshells in a saucepan with water and leave to stand for three weeks. Water plants with it every other week

Shiny leather furniture: Beat an egg white, rub the leather (sofa, armchair) thinly with it. Even better: mix in a little linseed oil

Oil and tar stains: Cover with a little egg yolk, leave for a few hours, then wash out lukewarm

Tense nerves: Whisk an egg yolk (as fresh as possible) with a little honey and lemon juice and drink - calms you down

White laundry: Put the crumbled eggshells in a small cloth bag, seal and wash with - makes laundry whiter

Drive away snails: Let the shells of raw eggs dry, crumble them, then sprinkle them on the beds - to keep snails off