How does nudity strengthen women?

Sleeping naked: that's why it's healthy

We want to draw attention to a social minority here. In German bedrooms, the group of naked sleepers is clearly in the minority: only 10 percent of Germans sleep naked. The majority belong to the pajamas faction.

We want to get involved in this unequal competition, because we think: There is hardly a nicer feeling than feeling freshly washed, fragrant bed linen all over your skin. And: sleeping naked is very healthy.

That is why we have the sleep researcher and book author Dr. Hans Günter Weeß (Sleep works wonders) asked why you should try sleeping naked at least once. He gave us these 6 reasons.

Why should I sleep naked?

It's not just summer heat that is a reason to drop your covers at night. You should also know these 6 advantages:

1. Sleeping naked is healthy and hygienic

Naked sleepers can enjoy the freedom of lying in bed without clothes and informally. The fact is: "Sleeping naked can be beneficial for the skin," says the expert. Naked sleepers sweat less at night than those who wear pajamas, especially in the intimate areas of the body. This removes the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and fungi.

The pajama group, on the other hand, argues that it is unhygienic to sleep without clothes. Yes and no. Sleeping naked is more hygienic on one condition: washing your bedding more often. Weeß therefore emphasizes that naked sleepers should change their bed linen at least twice a week. Because at night you sweat and lose up to ¾ liters of fluid. This naturally collects in the bed linen when you sleep without a cover.

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Naked sleepers develop fewer unpleasant body odors

2. Naked sleepers have happier relationships

Another argument in favor of going to bed in Adam's or Eva costume "Anyone who sleeps naked feels sexy," emphasizes the sleep researcher. Having couples in bed like God created them can increase libido. When two people lie next to each other so bare, the chance of mutual physical contact increases. This also increases the likelihood of sex.

In addition, the relationship with your partner can be intensified through intimacy and mutual contact. Let's be honest: the probability of erotic moments is higher when your partner is naked than when he is lying next to you in bear pajamas, right? The reverse is also true.

3. Sleeping naked reduces stress and makes you happy

It doesn't always have to be sex: "When people touch each other, the bonding hormone oxytocin is released," emphasizes Weeß. This causes both of them to relax. "The release of oxytocin minimizes the formation of the stress hormone cortisol. This ensures that both partners calm down," explains the expert.

But that's not all: the bonding hormone oxytocin strengthens your immune system. The blood pressure slows down and even depressive moods can be prevented by the cuddle hormone. Do not you think? Try it! Provided, of course, that you find each other attractive. If two people are lying next to each other who do not like each other, the oxytocin also stays off.

4. Sleeping naked can be rejuvenating

Admittedly, you won't become Sleeping Beauty and after 100 years you will wake up young and fresh again. But: A study by Stanford University, which examined the sleep behavior of athletes in relation to athletic performance, came to the conclusion that sleeping naked can have a rejuvenating effect. Because sleeping keeps you healthy.

Researchers attributed this to the increased release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Because melatonin has an anti-carcinogenic effect, i.e. against cancer formation. It fights free radicals, substances that attack your body cells and fuel cell aging. Free radicals are formed by environmental influences such as UV radiation, but also by nicotine and alcohol. Melatonin acts as an antioxidant, i.e. radical scavenger, binds them to itself and transports them out of the body.

However, our expert adds: "Melatonin is primarily formed through darkness." If you sleep naked, this can additionally increase the anti-aging effect. The rejuvenating effect can only take effect when the ambient temperature is below 21 degrees. "

5. Sleeping naked is good for your figure

Sleeping naked doesn't just make for hot nights with your partner. Your metabolism is also fired up. While you sleep, you burn almost as many calories as you would when you were awake. If you drift off into the realm of dreams, the lights in the brain do not go out. Quite the opposite: while you sleep, you only use about the same amount of calories as a slice of bread less than when you are awake, explains the expert.

If you also sleep naked, the calorie consumption can increase. Provided you're uncovered or the ambient temperature is less than 21 degrees. The reason is plausible. If you are cold, the body works harder to maintain its core temperature and to adapt to the ambient temperature.

6. Sleeping naked reduces body odor

If you sleep in your pajamas, body fluids such as sweat stay longer on the skin and collect in the folds of your skin. Then moisture accumulates in the genital area, explains Weeß.

The result: bad body odors. Therefore, you are more likely to smell unpleasant in pajamas than naked. But going to bed without a cover is of course no substitute for the shower the evening before or the next morning.

What should I watch out for when I sleep naked?

As I said, the ambient temperature is important. Your bedroom should have a temperature of 16-21 degrees. Then you can sleep naked without a guilty conscience. However, listen to your body. If you are freezing at night, it is better to cover yourself up, otherwise there is a risk of a cold.

The blanket should be made of a material that isn't too insulating so that you don't sweat underneath. A light down comforter is advisable. Tip: Depending on what your spatial situation or facility looks like, you should cover the windows well so that no tensioner is watching you.

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Fat burner turbo: Sleeping naked also boosts your metabolism

What are the requirements for healthy sleep?

With or without pajamas, every woman should know these 3 tips for falling asleep:

1. Stay awake long enough

Simple but logical. According to the expert, it is important for a good sleep to have been awake long enough. Another messenger substance, adenosine, is only formed if you stay awake long enough. This acts like a kind of sandman for your brain and you get tired.

2. Provide darkness

In the evening you should ensure darkness, as humans are diurnal beings. The above-mentioned messenger substance melatonin, which is important for good sleep, is only formed in the dark. This also makes you feel sleepy.

3. Relax properly

If you fail to stop the carousel of thoughts in the evening, you are tense, and tension is the enemy of sleep, explains Weeß. The be-all and end-all for a good night's sleep is therefore: stay calm. You should feel safe and secure, and switch off mentally. With this you roll out the red carpet for a good night's sleep.

Sleeping naked reduces stress and makes you happy. So what are you waiting for - let but try to drop your covers at night before you go to bed. We are sure you will sleep well with it!

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