Who captured African slaves

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People without rights

In slavery, one person becomes the property of another person. The slave has no rights of his own and is completely dependent on his owner. Slavery was widespread in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Everywhere slaves had to do low and often hard work.

Made into slaves

How did people become slaves? Mostly they came under the rule of the victors as prisoners of war or they were robbed in raids. The winners then sold the people as slaves. Many slaves were born under foreign rule and were never free.

Slave trade in the age of colonialism

From the 16th century a lively slave trade developed between Europe, Africa and America. European colonial powers such as Spain and England brought over eight million blacks to North and South America. A lot of money could be made with this criminal trade. The mostly black slaves worked under very poor conditions on the plantations of the rich whites.

The end of slavery

In 1833 Great Britain banned the slave trade, and in 1865 the USA also abolished it for good. With the UN Human Rights Convention in 1948, slavery was banned worldwide. However, in some countries there are still dependencies similar to slavery, for example child labor or forced prostitution.