What is something that is completely unnecessary

Translation of "completely superfluous" in English

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totally unnecessary
It is therefore totally unnecessary, in addition to having to pay for Greek travel companions.
It therefore seems totally unnecessary to additionally have to pay for the services of a Greek guide.
There are so many seminars that now, with information technology, totally unnecessary are.
The discussion on the legal instrument is therefore totally unnecessary.
They are pseudo-democratic and in that form totally unnecessary, says Barbara Wesel.
Mr President, in a really functioning democracy, today's debate would be totally unnecessary.
With the Marmitek Surround Anywhere 221 there are cables totally unnecessary.
The public in all EU countries rejects animal testing for something that totally unnecessary is, basically off.
The general public throughout the EU are very much opposed to the use of animals for something that is completely unnecessary.
It is included totally unnecessary and also counterproductive to insist that Type 1 immediately admit the dangers of climate change.
It is completely superfluous and also counterproductive to insist that type 1 immediately admits the dangers of climate change.
Restaurant served, tends to have an excess of salt and fat that totally unnecessary included.
The restaurant served food, usually contain an excessive amount of salt and fat, which are completely unnecessary.
Job after job is paid for. And so there is the greatest possible lack of clarity on both sides as to which expenses, if any totally unnecessary are.
Job after job is being paid. And this way the greatest possible uncertainty exists on both sides as to which tasks may be completely superfluous.
The first and last days of the fair are easy totally unnecessary (Tuesday and Saturday).
"I think sometimes there will be lectures at some point totally unnecessary."
The VVD is convinced that this can be enforced far more effectively on the market and that the EU can take action in this regard totally unnecessary and are undesirable.
The VVD is convinced that this can be done far more effectively through the market, and EU action in this respect is totally unnecessary and, indeed, unwanted.
Clive Cussler, Sahara Which book do you have for totally unnecessary?
Of course, if we call everything we are doing today socialism, it would be totally unnecessaryto bring about yet another breakdown.
Of course, if we called everything we are already doing socialism, it would be completely superfluous to drag in a breakdown.
A trip with the rental car or the taxi is thereby totally unnecessary - unless you prefer to go out in the touristy busy Jandia.
A trip with the rental car or the taxi is completely unnecessary - unless you would rather go out in the touristy Jandia.
It's programmatic totally unnecessary, since their politics is only a shallow infusion of bourgeois programs, enriched with dazzling petty-bourgeois anti-authoritarian attributes and "modern" gimmicks of the Internet age.
Its program is completely superfluous, since its policy is nothing but a shallow rehash of bourgeois programs enriched with enigmatic petty-bourgeois anti-authoritarian symbols and "modern" knick-knacks of the internet time.
Which book do you have for totally unnecessary? all manuals that come with software
Which book to you consider totally unnecessary? Every handbook you receive together with software
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