How do we test TDS

Showroom Kreuzlingen Tour de Suisse

1. Ideally, you already have it Answers to the following questions which we will discuss with you.

- Where will your new bike be used in the future?

- What is important to you when cycling?

- What experiences have you already had with a bike that have not convinced you very much / were particularly convincing?

2. Depending on the agreed consultation let's measure you against ours Bike fitting. In this way we can fine-tune which framework suits you

3. We start to get your e-bike or bike configure

4. You test Depending on the focus of the consultation, your model, a circuit or another component. Our manufactory is ideally located to test different purposes on test drives.

5. We'll discuss yours experience the test drives, close your configuration off, choose one Specialist dealers in your area who will hand over your new e-bike to you and then maintain it - and if you are sure, you can also order your bike from us.

Note: Your bike doesn't exist yet. In very few cases do we have a test bike that combines everything: model, size, gears, handlebars, saddle. Accordingly, depending on the configuration, you will test several bikes, each with a different test focus.