What are smart elevators

Smart home: soon an intelligent elevator in a family home?

Smart home is a collective term for the technical upgrading of residential buildings in order to improve the quality of living and living. But it's not just about personal sensitivities and comfort. Improved safety and energy savings are also reasons why new technologies are literally moving into our lives.

Smart home or building automation

Smart home describes a lot. BIM, Smart grid and Smart building - these are various technologies related to modern living.

Smart home primarily refers to living spaces when all lights, buttons and devices used in the house are networked with one another. But smart home also includes that digital control of building services or the networking of household appliances. It starts with lamps that turn on and off automatically when tenants are away, intelligent heating systems and household appliances.

Many terms - one topic

But also keywords eHome and Smart living, in German Smart living, are mentioned again and again. They differ only minimally or not at all. Ultimately, it is always about the use of digital systems in buildings and living spaces.

The Building automation on the other hand relates to the house itself. According to TÜV, building automation is the automatic control, monitoring and optimization of building functions: e.g. B. the heating, air conditioning or lighting.

Smart home for seniors and people with limited mobility

The concept of digital networking of living spaces is particularly interesting for senior citizens and people who are dependent on wheelchairs. Smart home is particularly helpful for them: the roller shutter, which is controlled by remote control, as well as the light switch and heating. However, equipping the smart home with new technologies is still very expensive.

In contrast, the installation of lifts, stairlifts and wheelchair platforms in apartment buildings and public buildings is no longer questioned. But there is a lot of catching up to do in the private sector. But maybe the intelligent elevator in a family home will soon be part of the basic planning? Who knows. Other smart tools like that Get and send control in any case, stairlifts are already standard today.

Intelligent stairlifts or lifts in a family home

We at VESTNER Aufzüge also think about how we can make our products smarter and better. Imagine if you could control the elevator with your mobile phone or if the stairlift was waiting for you as soon as you step out of the car.

Or when you don't have to worry about elevator maintenance.

As with our service package for private elevators. If you conclude an emergency call contract, our service team is automatically notified via remote data transmission as soon as a security check is necessary.

Completely automatically. Smart home.

How much digitization you allow in your house is a matter of taste. Not everyone will like Alexa, a talking refrigerator or automatic music systems either.

But we should be prepared for technical innovations in the area Smart home are not toys for a few crazy people, but the beginning of a new quality of life. From which especially those who are restricted in their mobility will benefit.

Smart home: soon an intelligent elevator in a family home?