How do solar powered calculators work

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A small pocket calculator can make our everyday life a lot easier. Pocket calculators are often powered by solar cells and one or two backup batteries. But as life is always like this - if you need a calculator late at night or on a long winter day, you only realize too late that the battery has said goodbye to the afterlife.

The best thing to do is to quickly open the battery compartment and see what kind of battery is inserted. Many manufacturers such as Casio or Citizen use:

  • Alkaline batteries like that LR44 button cells (also AG13 called) or their silver oxide variant SR44 (also called 357)
  • or
  • Alkaline batteries like that LR1130 button cells (also AG10, LR54) or their silver oxide variantSR1130 (also called 389 or 389/390).

If you don't want to be tempted to do mental arithmetic, you should always put a spare battery for the calculator aside in good time so that a change can be made quickly in an emergency!

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