What is adware


The business model of adware

Is it worth distributing adware? The question can only be answered by two parties:

  • the freeware or shareware manufacturers who integrate adware to finance their software,
  • and the adware manufacturers.

For the freeware or shareware manufacturer, the cooperation can be worthwhile in two ways: On the one hand, he receives income per advertising click. And on the other hand, he can offer the user a paid version that - at least according to the advertising promise - does not display any further advertising.

Is the business model worthwhile for the manufacturer? Certainly one could argue that the mere existence of it indicates that the development and sale of such software is worthwhile. Or maybe Henry Ford's statement is true: “I know half of my advertising is money thrown away. I just don't know which half. "

In some publications you can read that adware does not in itself pose a threat to your computer. But users can

  • the "infinite" number of pop-ups,
  • changing browser settings,
  • the possibility of spying on online and offline activities (for the purpose of advertising),
  • the potential danger from so-called man-in-the-middle attacks,
  • the slowdown of the computer or
  • the consumption of data volume

also judge quite differently. Most users who suddenly receive advertisements on their computer therefore have a simple question: "How can I uninstall adware?